The Real Reason For Checking References

Checking references is a critical component of the process of hiring top talent. Reference Checking is a key element of Step Five in our Success Factor Methodology of validating, verifying, and vetting what the candidate claimed in the interview. Most hiring executives and manages contend that candidates embellish and exaggerate what they’ve done and what they can do at least 100% of the time. In this radio program we explore the most effective tactics to reach the right references, how to interview a reference, and the process of “reverse-engineering” the interview through the references.

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Hiring Managers Upgrade Your Team NOW – Radio Show

There may never be a better point in the history of your company to upgrade your talent through improving your hiring process. You’ve got a small window of time to pick one or two under-performing roles and upgrade with talent that you might not be able to acquire once the economy comes roaring back.

These top talent employees in your competitors are open to talking with you right now. Once the job market rebounds, they might not be open to talking with you for another decade.

Are you taking the proactive steps to find, engage, communicate with top talent right now – even though you might not have an immediate opening. Are you using Step Two of the Success Factor Methodology to attract great talent? You can learn more about Step Two in our 5-Step Process by going to this page on our website:

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5 Must Ask Questions For Every Interview

Eliminating candidate embellishment is one problem most hiring managers struggle with. By asking just these 5 questions and the probing deeply most embellishment can be detected. However, that isn’t the major reason for failed interviews.

Most interviews actually fail before the interview even starts. Failure begins in the lobby! The most powerful and impactful part of the interview starts before even one question is asked. If you want to dramatically increase your company’s interviewing accuracy this one hour LIVE Internet Radio Talk Show will let you know how.

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Can Your Company Save Thousands Through HR Outsourcing?

Listen to our podcast from our Live Internet Radio Show on regarding HR Outsourcing.

Can your company save thousands by outsourcing HR.  Jeff Stinson, President of Global Human Resources Outsourcing (GHRO), discusses all the reasons if you are a CEO you should consider this option. HR is becoming more and more complex. The legal fees companies are paying can often be eliminated with a littler prevention. Jeff  has been a VPHR for a Fortune 500 company and he brings that expertise and knowledge to this show. Investing 50 minutes to listen can save you thousands.

To hear our podcast on the advantages of HR Outsourcing by our Expert Guest, Jeff Stinson, you can either listen immediately to the radio show or download it from our FREE Hire and Retain Top Talent Audio Library.

Pay Cuts For Work

In a recent survey we conducted 54% of the people responding would accept a position for less pay than their previous position. In fact, 46% would take up to a 20% reduction in salary.

As the economy continues to soften we will conduct another survey and compare the results.