Do you Inspire Others to Self-Motivate?

Are you inspiring your direct reports to self-motivate?

I am firm believer that you cannot motivate others – they need to self-motivate.

In looking back through my archive of motivational articles, I re-stumbled across this blog post on inspiring others by Scott Ginsberg. Scott wrote an article on his blog “Hello My Name is Scott” titled “The Matt Foley Guide to Motivating The People Who Matter Most.”

Scott put forth 4 ways in which you can inspire others to self-motivate. I liked the manner in which he framed this critical element of success for coaches, executives, and managers.

I don’t do his article justice through my summary – you’ve got to read the full article for yourself. However, here are the 4 key areas Scott laid out to inspire others to self-motivate:

  1. Compassionately take people’s hiding places away from them.
  2. Recognize when inspiration isn’t sufficient.
  3. Delete the demotivators.
  4. Focus on passion as the great prioritizer.

As a coach, executive, or manager you have the power to inspire the people around you to self-motivate.

I use this element of leadership as one of the core areas I probe into when I am interviewing executives and managers. As you may recall, leadership is one of the key areas to predict future success for those in a role where they manage others. Some of the leadership interview questions from our Success Factor Methodology include:

  • How do you specifically inspire others to self-motivate?
  • What techniques have worked best for you and are now part of your portfolio of inspiring your direct reports to self-motivate?
  • Which techniques have been a dismal failure?
  • What do you do to learn about the latest tactics and methods around inspiring your direct reports to self-motivate?
  • Describe a couple of examples where you’ve had a boss or peer that did a great job of inspiring motivation? What did they specifically do in that example? What elements of those tactics have you adopted as your own? Can you give me 2-3 examples where you’ve applied those tactics in the last few months?
  • How to specifically build inspiration to self-motivate into your coaching and one-to-one feedback monthly conversations?
  • When you interview candidates for roles on your team – how does the candidate get a precise understanding of your ability to inspire motivation?


Could you pass this interview? Do you believe in your heart that it’s your responsibility as a manager, executive, leader, owner, founder to inspire your people to self-motivate? If so, where would you rate yourself on a ten point scale – 1 being weak and 10 being you’re a poster child for inspiration.  Do you know how to inspire your direct reports to self-motivate? Do you apply these techniques ALL THE TIME or only as passing thought? What would your direct reports tell me about your ability to inspire self-motivation?

If you cannot inspire your direct reports to self-motivate, you’ll never succeed as a great manager or executive! Now were digging into the realm of culture, retention, employee satisfaction, employee motivation, employee engagement, and ultimately – performance.

Is it time to re-examine how you manage and lead? How do you specifically inspire others every day?

If you would like to read Scott’s entire article on how to inspire others to self-motivate, please click the link below:

The Matt Foley Guide to Motivating The People Who Matter Most

Barry Deutsch

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Barry Deutsch

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