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FREE Download of our best-selling book – You're NOT the Person I Hired

This book is now in the hands of over 30,000 CEOs, executives, and managers around the world.

Every one of those hiring executives and managers have dramatically improved their hiring process.

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Examples, Samples, and White Papers

Hiring Manager FREE Downloads of Examples, Samples, and White Papers

Download a FREE set of Compelling Marketing Statements or Success Factor Snapshots to transform your hiring process.

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FREE Recruiter Benchmarking

Hiring Manager FREE Recruiter Benchmarking Assessment - discover if your recruiter can actually find and recruit top talent for you.We'll take our research of the mistakes that CEOs and executives make in selecting recruiters and benchmark your recruiters. Click this link to take our FREE Recruiter Benchmarking Assessment.


FREE Executive Briefing

Hiring Manager FREE Executive Briefing for you and your team on the 5 Steps of the Success Factor Methodology pulled from our popular workshop and seminar "You're NOT the Person I Hired"We'll conduct an briefing for your management team on how to define success, find great talent, conduct an effective success-based interview. Click this link to schedule your FREE Management Executive Briefing.


FREE Compelling Marketing Statement Review


Hiring Manager FREE Review of your Compelling Marketing Statement to attract top talentWe'll conduct a FREE review of a Compelling Marketing Statement that you've created. Click this link to get your FREE Compelling Marketing Statement Review.

FREE Success Factor Snapshot Review

FREE Hiring Manager Success Factor Snapshot Review to define success for your next key hire and avoid hiring mistake #1 - Inadequate Job DescriptionsWe'll conduct a FREE review of a Success Factor Snapshot that you've created. Click this link to get your FREE Success Factor Snapshot Review.