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Most companies constantly evaluate the effectiveness of their critical processess. Have you ever evaluated if your hiring process is effective. You can now with our 8 Point Hiring Methodology Asessment Scorecard. Use this to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your hiring methodology.  Download your free 8 Point Hiring Methodology Assessment Scorecard.

Total cost of a hire calculator is available to assist companies identify what the real cost are of a hire. Not just the direct costs. Download your free Cost Of A Hire Calculator.

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As a current or past member of the Vistage/TEC community we offer many resources to assit you with hiring. Many of these resources are discussed in our webinars, in-house training programs and Vistage/TEC talks. If  you are now or have been a member of Vistage or TEC we encourage you to take full advantage of these resources. In addition, don't forget to utilized the free one hour consulting coupon all Vistage/TEC members recieve during our Vistage/TEC program. CLICK HERE to take advantage of these many resources.