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Advanced Sourcing Techniques

Image of a hiring manager using the advanced sourcing techniques of the Success Factor Methodology to find top talent

Hiring Manager Webinar

Discover the secrets of finding passive candidates by learning how to fish in deep waters.

You can have the best hiring process and the best interviewing techniques but if you don't bring the best and brightest to your lobby, it doesn't matter.
The recruiting industry is very upset with us for revealing these secrets. They don't want us to tell you how simple it is to attract top talent. Many feel we are violating a trade secret.
Go behind the curtain and let two of the nation's top recruiters give you the tips they use to find passive candidates. For the past 5 years, companies have experienced a very difficult time finding qualified people. The burden isn't getting any easier. It is our job to show you:

  • where these candidates are
  • how you can motivate them to respond to you
  • how to become a company magnet
  • how to get at least 50% of the referrals from your current employees, and
  • change how you advertise to attract passive candidates.
In just one hour you can change how you attract and hire the very best. If you save one recruiting fee a year as a result of investing one hour in this webinar that is a huge cost savings. We have been finding top talent for our clients for over 25 years. We will reveal the tools and techniques we use so you can do the exact same thing.

George S. Cassin, VP HR, San Jose, CA. "The quality of the responses to our ads increased dramatically by using their Compelling Marketing Statement instead of our old ads. We started viewing the candidates as customers. We have made 3 key technical hires this year alone and saved tens of thousands in the process."
Dana Cargile, CFO, Sacramento, CA. "Our employee referral program is now an effective one. We are averaging about 40% of our hires from referrals. That is up from just 5% in previous years. We now have all our employees involved, whereas before only the specific department felt it was their job to make referrals. This one hour has saved our company thousands in recruiting fees."
The ideal candidate for most high-level, high-impact positions is not sitting at home reading want ads.
This Webinar gives you tips on how to avoid the five worst sourcing strategies and what to do instead to attract top talent. Attracting top talent starts with motivating them to reply to you. Most ads DON'T do that.
The fact is, most ads are all about what the company wants and not what the candidate is seeking. As a result top talent candidates read your traditional ad, don't get excited and click out.

Let us show you a new way to promote your position that is so compelling that passive candidates actually want your job, are motivated to respond and are even willing to put a resume together just for your position. We have assisted hundreds of companies to make just one change and seen incredible results.
We will to share this secret with you. Magicians aren't supposed to reveal the tricks of their trade and apparently neither are recruiters. Well we don't agree.
This is your opportunity to learn firsthand from recruiters who literally wrote the book on recruiting. All you need to do is invest an hour of your time.

We've put together a set of additional learning tools to reinforce the webinar. Studies show that you'll forget 90% of the information taught in a webinar within 48 hours. Can you afford to invest the time in a powerful webinar on hiring and leveraging top talent, and then forget everything you've just learned. Reinforce and embed the concepts of the Success Factor Methodology by purchasing the PowerPoint slide presentation and the audio recording.

This webinar is not currently scheduled.

This includes joining the webinar event to get your questions answered and the PowerPoint slides. Price $49.95

Value Package. This is the comprehensive package. Participate in the webinar event and download the slides so you can follow along with the audio for future reference. Price $74.95 NOTE: the audio file will be available for download, it is not a CD.


Virtual Chief Talent Officer

What if you could have a Chief Talent Officer in your back pocket when you need it? Imagine having a Virtual Chief Talent Officer available at any time. Get on-call help and on-demand consulting to implement the Success Factor Methodology.

Start by requesting our FREE 8-point Hiring Check-up. Quickly improve your Hiring Process and start raising hiring success.

Imagine having your own personal virtual Chief Talent Officer available anytime to support your hiring managers.


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