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Book a Speaker for a PresentationBarry Deutsch and Brad Remillard, the founding partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, are available for a broad range of speaking engagements.

Over the last two decades, Barry and Brad have presented to over 50,000 CEOs, senior executives, and hiring managers their award-winning program on the Success Factor Methodology.

They are sought-after experts and are frequently asked to contribute to trade association newsletters, websites dealing with human capital and talent management, and business publications seeking expert information on hiring process improvement, retention of top talent, and performance management.

Barry and Brad are considered to be in the top echelon of all speakers within Vistage, an international membership organization of CEOs and senior executives. The specific programs facilitated by Barry and Brad can be found in the University section of our website. Send us a request to Book a Speaker NOW for your next event.

Request a Custom Quote to bring Barry Deutsch or Brad Remillard to your next event and WOW your employees, customers, or members on topics of hiring and retaining top talent

Below is a list of the typical programs and events for which Barry and Brad are invited to speak:

Conference Keynotes

Conference keynotes can be tailored for specific organizations and delivered in 45 minute to 90 minute presentations. In addition to the standard keynote address, these programs are available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner sessions during conferences and regional/local trade or industry meetings.

Conference Breakout Sessions

Following on the heels of a general keynote presentation, many of our clients ask us to present more in-depth conference programs in breakout sessions during the morning or afternoon. These programs might focus in specific areas of hiring, retention, or performance management. They might be targeted around interviewing training, recruiting training, performance management training, or non-monetary rewards and recognition training.

Customized programs to fit your needs can be developed. The typical timeframe for these more substantive and interactive programs are typically 1 to 2 hour sessions.

Management Team Meetings

Organizations frequently hold team meetings and combine these with management team development in hiring training, interview training, retention training, and performance management training. These programs can be presented in either a half-day or full-day format.


Content providers, web portals, publishing companies, and large corporations with a VAR or dealer network seek a delivery mechanism more flexible than flying staff and a speaker into a specific location. All our programs can be delivered in webinar or audio conference formats. These can be published as a listen-and-learn or an interactive online session. The typical timeframe for a webinar or audio conference is 60-90 minutes.

Client Appreciation Programs

Personal Service Firms, such as those involved in legal, accounting, IT, or management consulting, are frequently seeking experts to add value to their clients. IMPACT Hiring Solutions has developed a win-win opportunity for Personal Service Firms looking at increasing market share and raising the perceived value of their services.

Our Client Appreciation Program provides the opportunity to book Barry or Brad for a program of 1-2 hours for your key clients. This program is provided on a COMPLIMENTARY basis and the content can be tailored to the needs of your clients. Typical venues for this presentation include boardroom briefings, lunch-and-learns, dinner/cocktail hour programs, and early breakfast gatherings.

We can either offer best practice suggestions in organizing your event, or help you to manage the entire event from invitation list creation to booking the room.

FREE Executive Briefing


Barry and Brad are available to present any of our program topics in an executive briefing format to management teams on a complimentary basis. These briefings usually take the form of a 45 minute to one hour presentation. Executive Briefings can be delivered during a regularly scheduled staff meeting, off-site session, over a team meal, or through a webinar when meeting together is not convenient. Visit our FREE Executive Briefing page to learn more.

To book Barry or Brad for your speaker need, send us a request through the Book A Speaker button below and we'll follow-up with you within 24 hours.

Request a Custom Quote to bring Barry Deutsch or Brad Remillard to your next event and WOW your employees, customers, or members on topics of hiring and retaining top talent

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