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Free Book Sample + Winning the Phone Interview Chapter

Our most popular interviewing chapter is free with this sample.


Ever had a phone interview that seemed to go well, and then nothing?

Wondering what went wrong? They said they would call you back.

We have conducted more than 10,000 phone interviews and now we will share with you the reason why you didn't get the call back.

Is there a difference between a phone interview and a face-to face interview?

We will reveal the three things that can be measured during a phone interview.

We will tell you exactly why you shouldn't answer the phone for a phone interview.

How long should you talk when answering a question during a phone interview?

How do you keep the interviewer engaged for one hour when you can't see them?


Take this for a test drive and see what you will discover about the complexities of the phone interview.

Don't have another phone interview without at least taking the opportunity to discover what retained recruiters know about the power of the phone interview.

You can download this right now and use it before your next phone interview. You can't lose. You can only learn something about interviewing.


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