Cover Letter #1 Biggest Mistake



The cover letter debate is never ending. Should I use one? What is the best format? Who to address it to? What should be in it? Is it the same for recruiters as hiring managers? Do recruiters even want a cover letter? All good questions. But the fact is even if you had the answer to all these questions it would not change the biggest mistake made on cover letters.

The biggest mistake with cover letters is using them as addendums to the resume.

Candidates too often put information related to the position on the cover letter and then neglect to have that same information on the resume. They assume if it is in the cover letter that is the same as if it were on the resume. WRONG. The cover letter is not your resume. Your resume is what you are held accountable to. What happens if someone separates the cover letter from the resume? Then all that information is lost.

If you think it is valuable enough to add to a cover letter then it is valuable and important enough to put on your resume. Your cover letter should only highlight what you bring to the party. The resume must validate this.

So whatever information you have on the cover letter make sure you have the same information on your resume.

You can download a free example of a cover letter format we recommend. This highlights what the company is looking for and how the candidate's background aligns with what they are seeking. Just make sure the same information is easily findable on the resume.


To download your free sample cover letter click the link below.