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"I have to share with you, once I downloaded the ebook, I read it from beginning to end....Amazing!
I was so excited about the content, especially the section on preparing for an interview, that I must have a hardcopy of the book. I very much appreciated the section about revising the resume as I almost paid someone over $600 to rewrite mine.

The information presented in your book will provide the tools I need to accelerate my career to the next level. And, thinking in terms of a marketing brochure, I can see that no one can sell me better than me! I firmly believe in the marketing concept to open the door to the right opportunities.

I have several friends making career transitions and I know they will be interested in the book as well!’”


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When you respond to an ad or any posting, cut and paste the job posting requirements to the bottom of your resume in 2 point font.  Then change the font color to white. This way it will not show up when printing, but the key words the person is screening on will be on your resume. You will get past the dreaded key word screen virtually every time.

This tip alone is worth the price of FREE.

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There are so many more tips, resume examples, templates,

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