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The Executive Hire Advantage

(Pre-Qualification Required)

Image of one our partners being your personal coaching in guiding you through the Career Success Methodology

If you want a friend as your coach this is not the program for you. We aren't interested in being your friend. This is not for the executive looking for pats on the back or "You're so good" polite conversation. We are not life coaches or career coaches. To qualify for this program you must already have a career and are looking for a new position immediately. This program is blunt, straight talk exclusively with the partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions. We don't care if you like us as long as we help you land a position.


To qualify you must:

checkmark Be A VP or higher level.

checkmark Earn more than $150,000.

checkmark Be serious about your job search.

checkmark Desire to conduct an efficient search.

checkmark Realize Internet postings aren't the way to find a job.

checkmark Be willing to network for referrals, not just to have contacts.

checkmark Be willing to focus and stay committed.

checkmark Do the hard work it takes to find a job. It is hard work.

checkmark Be committed to weekly coaching.

checkmark Go through a pre-screening interview.


Would you like to know how to ramp up your job search?

If you'd like to ramp up your job search, get referrals that lead to a job and develop a roadmap to your next job, then this might be the most important web page you'll ever read about your job search.

Why is this the most important page you'll ever read about your job search?

As retained executive recruiters for more than 25 years, we bring a unique perspective that no other career coach or outplacement firm can bring.

Retained recruiters hear the good, the bad and the ugly that happens in every job search. We reveal these traps and provide you with a roadmap to avoid them.

We know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you four good reasons how we can back up what we claim:


Four Reasons To Believe What We Say

Reason one: Don't trust us. We encourage you to Google our names Brad Remillard or Barry Deutsch. Check us out to see if we are real and the most qualified recruiters to write this book.

Reason two: Our first book You're NOT The Person I Hired has sold more than 10,000 copies. This book is the hiring bible for many CEOs, key executives and HR professionals.

Reason three: We are nationally recognized speakers on the topic of best hiring practices. We speak more than 80 times a year to CEOs and key executives on how to improve their hiring process or job search. In addition, we have coached, trained and assisted thousands of CEOs and key executives with critical hires and in-transition coaching.

Reason four: We have been involved in more than 1,500 executive searches in the last 25 years and conducted more than 25,000 interviews.



Liz Meisler, CFO, Los Angeles

I had the profound pleasure of working with Brad as my job coach for 5 months during my job search. I began my new adventure as CFO of St. John's Well Child & Family Center, a healthcare not-for-profit, on September 14th. Brad was easy to work with and yet utterly direct and focused. He immediately discarded the resume I had put together with a resume service, removing all adjectives and sticking to the plain and simple facts. We branded my offering and followed up on two alternative approaches, private equity turnaround CFO and not-for-profit healthcare. He would repeatedly ask: "why are you going to this networker? What do you hope to accomplish?" He partnered with me around the concept that I needed to execute perfectly in the resume application, in the phone interview, in the in-person interview. I never had more than a minute when I got a chance to feel down while I was working with Brad. He kept with me, after me and ahead of me. He uncompromisingly gave value for my very modest investment in his services. When the interviews began piling up in August, I had everything I needed to be successful. I refer Brad to everyone. He is the best kept secret in the Los Angeles job market.


We take job search coaching very seriously and don't want to waste time and energy with those who are not completely committed to doing their job search the right way.

Two nationally recognized retained executive recruiters, Brad Remillard or Barry Deutsch (see bios), would work directly with you. You will receive the insights of these retained recruiters who have been involved in thousands of hires. They will personally guide you through the unique issues senior level executives encounter during their search. Brad or Barry will facilitate every aspect of our 5-step Career Success MethodologyTM Job Search System.

In addition to all the services provided with the Executive Job Search Coaching program, you will have unlimited telephone access with Brad or Barry, one-on-one meetings when possible, first opportunity at any searches for which you qualify, free access to all webinars, CDs, research materials and when appropriate introductions to our clients, hiring managers or trusted advisors who will assist you in your career. No other recruiters offer this unique experience. No other career coach, life coach or even HR executives have the inside knowledge and experiences of Brad or Barry.

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. This is a very personalized service uniquely tailored around your circumstances. Every effort is made to ensure your success in your search.

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Don't consider this program unless:

checkmark You want coaching from expert retained recruiters.


checkmark You are seeking a proven and comprehensive job search methodology.


checkmark You are prepared for blunt and open communication with every aspect of your job search


checkmark Know your career and want help finding a job. We aren't career coaches and don't pretend to be. We are job search coaches.

checkmark You are seeking accountability that keeps you focused and on target.


If your job search has stalled and you need to turbo-charge it, and if you qualify we are here to help you.


Request a Custom Quote to get started in our exclusive selective job search program for senior executives seeking a new position