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Identify and Verify Success Prospects

identify_and_verify_success_prospects.jpgTo excite top talent you must offer a very compelling opportunity throughout the entire interview process. At the same time, you must accurately measure the candidate's ability to deliver the results you desire.

We use the Compelling Marketing Statement developed in Step 2 to engage in a Compelling Candidate Conversation that excites top talent to raise their hand to learn more about your opportunity, even if they already have a great job or other great opportunities.

The combination of these two tools generates enthusiasm and energizes candidates who normally would not be open to leaving their current position.

The Compelling Marketing Statement and the Compelling Candidate Conversation puts candidates in the job BEFORE they are hired. Candidates can visualize the true opportunity and impact on their career. These tools are used continually through-out the entire interview process to ensure a top talent candidate will be compelled to keep going through the hiring process.

In addition, we use extensive phone interviews and face-to-face interviews to measure, assess, and validate the candidate's ability to achieve the Success Factor Snapshot. This is done through the use of our 5-Core-Question Interview and Magnifying Glass Questions Approach.

Our interviews concurrently measure true motivation, collect specific quantifiable data to validate the candidate's ability to achieve your results, and recruit the candidate by revealing to them the real compelling opportunity and personal impact on their career.

Products to Identify and Verify Success Prospects


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