Our wealth of products, services, courses, free resources, and solutions are all built around a core of helping hiring executives and managers to hire and retain top talent. Through 25 years of hiring and interview training, recruitment process improvement, and executive search, we've compiled the richest and most thorough information source on how to improve your recruitment process.

Solutions & Resources for Hiring Managers

Hiring Frustrations

Hiring Frustrations

In over 1000 presentations to CEO and executive forums, management teams, and conferences, the partners of IHS have asked what are the greatest hiring frustrations most executives and managers constantly face. We explore each of these along with the products, services, and FREE resources to overcome them.

Top Ten Hiring Mistakes

Top Ten Hiring Mistakes

We conducted a formal research project with over 100 companies, supplemented through an additional 20,000 CEO interviews over 25 years. Explore the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes and how to avoid making them.

Hiring Resources

Hiring Resources

We have an extensive set of Resources for Hiring Managers, including FREE Assessments, White Papers, Examples, and an interactive blog for hiring top talent.

A Hiring Manager Process To Hire, Find, and Interview Candidates

      Our Hiring Process is called the Success Factor Methodology. No other hiring process is as simple and reliable. The Success Factor Methodology has been deeply researched and validated as the most effective approach to dramatically improve hiring accuracy and results.

Hiring Services

Hiring Services

We provide a range of hiring manager services and solutions from retained executive search to hiring process improvement. All of our projects are built to teach how to use and implement the Success Factor Methodology to hire and retain employees.

Hiring Products

Hiring Products

Our Hiring Products provide the tools to implement the Success Factor Methodology, ranging from our Desktop Hiring Guide to our award winning book, You're Not the Person I Hired, that has transformed hiring in thousands of companies around the world.

Hiring Manager University

Hiring Manager University

Top Talented individuals all practice continuous learning. Our University supports that learning through courses of deep content, practical HOW TO ideas, and tremendous take-away steps for improvement. Our courses are delivered through a variety of venues and formats, including live facilitator lead programs and webinars.

Spotlight on Hiring Products


Spotlight on Services and Resources to Overcome Hiring Mistakes

Executive Search

Image representing a search that includes the Magnifying Glass Approach to Interviewing

Our Executive Search exclusively uses the Success Factor Methodology to deliver top talent candiates every time. No other search firm has researched or understands the Top 10 Hiring Mistakes and how to overcome them.

Learn more about how our Executive Search Project dramatically differs from the approach of most common recruiters

FREE Hiring Check-up

Image of Doctors doing a check-up as a metaphor for the FREE Hiring Check-up

Our FREE Hiring Check-up will examine 8 key components of a best practice hiring process. If you qualify, we'll benchmark your process against our Success Factor Methodology. The results will identify improvement opportunities.

Request a Hiring Check-up for Your Company Now!

Our Most Popular Workshop

Our popular course for hiring managers to learn how to develop skills in finding, interviewing, and evaluating candidates

Our 5 step process will raise you hiring accuracy almost immediately. You will locate passive candidates and eliminate candidate embellishment.  If you only make one hire during tough times it has to be the right one.

Learn the 5 key steps how to hire top talent consistently in every role in your company

Mistakes - Did You Know?

Learn why 57% of executive and manager hiring fails in the first 12 months57% of all hiring decisions at an executive level fail.


Imagine compounding that failure rate by at least 20% for every level deeper in your company.

Why does this happen? It occurs because of common hiring mistakes that are made over and over.

Overcome the most common hiring mistakes

NO MORE Hiring Manager mistakes and errors in hiring and interviewing

You're Not the Person I Hired

Get the book that shows you how to put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them!

With almost 10,000 copies in print, thousands of companies have implemented the Success Factor Methodology described in our book. You should be hiring top talent.

Transform your hiring process today by ordering a copy of the book. Are you ready to start hiring top talent?

Buy the book that will change your life as a hiring manager.

Virtual Chief Talent Officer

What if you could have a Chief Talent Officer in your back pocket when you need it? Imagine having a Virtual Chief Talent Officer available at any time. Get on-call help and on-demand consulting to implement the Success Factor Methodology.

Start by requesting our FREE 8-point Hiring Check-up. Quickly improve your Hiring Process and start raising hiring success.

Imagine having your own personal virtual Chief Talent Officer available anytime to support your hiring managers.


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