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HIRING RESOURCE: FREE Recruiter Benchmarking

Does Your Current Recruiter Have a Rigorous System to Hire Top Talent?

Does your Recruiter help you define success, fish in deep waters, and interview with you side-by-side to hire a great candidate?Not sure if you should choose a certain recruiter to conduct a critical search for your open position?

Wondering if your recruiter is utilizing best practices in the recruiting industry?

Curious if you had selected a different recruiter, might you get a better pool of viable candidates?

One of the key reasons recruiters fail to attract and help you hire top talent is that they have NO rigorous system. We identify this issue as one of the Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make in Choosing Recruiters.

We'll conduct a benchmarking review of any recruiter you are considering using against our 8-Point Success Matrix for Recruiters.

We'll walk you through the 8 top best practices that the very best recruiters embed within their search practices. We'll point out the gaps between your recruiter and the top recruiters, helping you to determine the value and potentially the fee for the recruiters' service.

For example, recruiters who only act as a resume and referral factory, pulling resumes off job boards, probably do not deserve a standard full recruiter fee. At the opposite end of the spectrum are the recruiters who help you define success, coach you through the interview process, and fish in very deep waters for the best talent. These recruiters can command fees at the top of their profession and they are always in demand.

A few of the best practices by which we will benchmark your recruiter include:

Does your recruiter use a strategic sourcing plan or pick up the phone and willy-nilly start making random phone calls?

Is your recruiter a master networker? Do they know how to reach into a wide range of sources and channels and obtain outstanding referrals?

Does your recruiter understand the need to define success and use that definition as the core document in managing a search?

Can your recruiter conduct a more sophisticated and in-depth interview than you? After all, they supposedly do this for a living.

Will your recruiter coach you through the entire interviewing process by developing the questions, facilitating the interview side-by-side with you, and helping you to extract the required information?

These are a few of the questions we'll help you to answer in our FREE Recruiter Benchmarking Project.


Next Steps for the FREE Hiring Resource: Recruiter Benchmarking

Request our FREE Recruiter Benchmarking Now. Make sure you're not making a mistake on your next critical executive hire by using the wrong retained executive search firm. Now you can be armed with the right information to make an informed decision about whether the search firm can deliver the results you desire.

If you're frustrated by the lack of responsiveness, poor service, average candidates, and a sense that the fee is far beyond the value provided, perhaps it's time to conduct a Recruiter Benchmarking.

Take a look at our preview of the Top 10 Mistakes Companies Make in Choosing Recruiters. Review the FREE examples of Success Factor Snapshots and Compelling Marketing Statements on our FREE Resources Download Page to see the tools we use in our search practice to incorporate the Success Factor Methodology.

Request our Recruiter Benchmarking NOW and make sure you're selecting the recruiter who can deliver top talent in a process you find enjoyable and effective.

Request your FREE Recruiter Benchmarking to determine if you've got the right recruiter


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