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You're The Person I Want to KEEP Course


Image of a Manager giving a high five and letting one of her key people know "You're the Person I Want to Keep"


A systematic approach to retaining your top talent

and extracting exceptional performance from your entire workforce.

This program has transformed the internal human resource systems and processes of thousands of companies around the world. We'll take you on a journey of RETENTION best practices that are flawlessly executed by companies that outshine their competitors every single day.

Why do some businesses flourish and others flounder miserably?

What secret magic does one company use versus a competitor?

The painful truth is that THERE IS NO MAGIC INVOLVED. Retaining top talent and extracting great performance requires hard work, discipline, and a systematic approach. Most companies have no structured or organized methodology for keeping their best people.

Keeping Your Best People is SIMPLE if you have the right system!

Others say this about our Retention Course:

Mark Sanchez, VP HR, Dallas, TX. "We were losing some of our best people to 2-3 of our key competitors. The brain drain was limiting our ability to compete effectively. The You're the Person I Want to Keep Management Course gave us the tools to keep great people and motivate our entire group of employees."

Julie Moran, GM, San Jose, CA. "We found ourselves growing rapidly and our HR systems and processes lagging behind. We had no tools, methods, processes, or techniques to keep outstanding employees. The IMPACT Hiring Solutions Retention Course gave all our managers a framework with specific tactics to keep good people and motivate everyone to a higher level."


REQUEST NOW a custom quote for your Manager Course on Retention titled "You're the Person I Want to KEEP" and we will make sure one of our experts contacts you directly to discuss how we can develop a program tailored for your company.


Request a Custom Quote to bring our powerful Retention Course to your company so all your hiring managers can learn how to KEEP the great people they hire

No other company provides as comprehensive of a program to retain great people and motivate all your employees

You'll learn how the very best companies around the world keep their top performers happy and how they motivate every single employee to the best of their ability. Most workshops, seminars, and programs on RETENTION focus on compensation, generic employee satisfaction, and exit interviews. NOT this program. We'll give you a wide range of specific tactics to transform your company to the point where very few of your employees would consider leaving for greener pastures.


5 steps of retaining and motivating top talent:

checkmark How to stop accepting mediocrity among team members.

checkmark How to hire more effectively to eliminate retention problems.

checkmark How to understand what motivates each member of the team and how that can be used to raise performance.

checkmark How to change the culture within your company and at the team/group level. .

checkmark How to improve the supervisor-subordinate relationship.

Your managers will receive:

  • A 20+page color workbook with all of the PowerPoint slides, notes that enhance the slides and room for your own personal notes to trigger your memory.
  • A 30-minute executive summary CD of the course for recalling the key points in retaining your top performers and motivating your entire team.
  • A copy of our book You're NOT the Person I Hired. Remember, a significant portion of the problems and issues that occur with retention are due to poor and ineffective hiring. Currently, more than 8,000 copies are in the hands of CEOs and hiring managers.
  • Our research paper of more than 230 hires and 130 companies that identifies the 10 biggest hiring mistakes companies make.

Start transforming your culture to retain top performers and raise employee motivation by requesting a custom quote now for the "You're the Person I Want to KEEP" workshop.


Request a Custom Quote to bring our powerful Retention Course to your company so all your hiring managers can learn how to KEEP the great people they hire



You're Not the Person I Hired

Get the book that shows you how to put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them!

With almost 10,000 copies in print, thousands of companies have implemented the Success Factor Methodology described in our book. You should be hiring top talent.

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