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The IMPACT Hiring Solutions Product Catalog for Candidates

CD_ResumeKit380_240.jpgOur Candidate Products provide the tools to implement the Career Success Methodology, ranging from our e-Book titled This is NOT the Position I Accepted, to our 6 audio programs covering the entire Career Success Methodology for Job Search and Career Management.

These products will reduce your transition time between opportunities, shorten your job search, improve your batting average in interviews; both on the phone and in-person, and assist you in navigating the treacherous waters of compensation negotiation.

Imagine giving your career and job search a booster shot in the arm.

Candidate Products

Our life changing guide to altering your job search and career management


A comprehensive executive job search process. A roadmap with a step-by-step approach. Learn how master interviewing, develop a Compelling Marketing Brochure, and build an extraordinary network.

Learn more about the book that executives and managers are raving about changes it has made in their job searches

Our Resume Success System to help you create the powerful set of documents needed to obtain interviews


Our Resume Success System focuses on overcoming the worthless use of a traditional resume that usually ends up in the trash can. Now you can grab the attention of recruiters and hiring executives.

Learn more about how our powerful Resume Success System can transform your traditional resume that fails to get attention