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Comprehensive workbook for a job search.

If you'd like to ramp up your job search, get referrals that lead to a job and develop a roadmap to your next job, then this might be the most important web page you'll ever read about your job search.

Why is this the most important book you'll ever read about your job search?

As retained executive recruiters for more than 25 years, we bring a unique perspective that no other career coach or outplacement firm can bring.

Retained recruiters hear the good, the bad and the ugly that happens in every job search. We reveal these traps and provide you a roadmap to avoid them.

We know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you four good reasons we can back up what we claim:


Four Reasons To Believe What We Say

Reason one: Don't trust us. We encourage you to Google our names: Brad Remillard or Barry Deutsch. Check us out to see if we are real and the most qualified recruiters to write this book.

Reason two: Our first book You're NOT The Person I Hired has sold more than 10,000 copies. This book is the hiring bible for many CEOs, key executives and HR professionals.

Reason three: We are nationally recognized speakers on the topic of best hiring practices. We speak more than 80 times a year to CEOs and key executives on how to improve their hiring process or job search. In addition, we have coached, trained and assisted thousands of CEOs and key executives with critical hires and in-transition coaching.

Reason four: We have been involved in more than 1,500 executive searches in the last 25 years and conducted more than 25,000 interviews.



Brian Morrow, CEO, San Antonio, Texas

“This cover letter technique has quadrupled my rate of first responses from recruiters for Internet posted jobs.”

“Recruiters have thanked me for using this technique, including a recruiter who recently responded, ‘I appreciate how you compared your experience to the required qualifications to highlight the synergies.”


Here is a summary of the benefits you will receive:

1) 5-step simple job search process to follow.

  • Your job search is taking too long. By following these simple steps, you will dramatically reduce your time spent job hunting. Many have cut this time in half.

2) Get recruiters to call you back.

  • Recruiters are not returning your calls. We will show you how to get 80% of the recruiters you contact to return your call.

3) Find the hidden job market.

  • More than 80% of all jobs are never advertised. This is the hidden job market. All you see are the 20% of ads that are posted in newspapers and on-line job boards. You'll now be able to find these hidden jobs and expand your opportunities.
4) Learn how to get the right referrals from your contacts.
  • The hiring process in most companies is the quickest when the candidate comes from a referral. Thousands of candidates who have read our book and followed our simple 5-step process have doubled their referrals to job opportunities.

5) Learn the special preparation required for a phone interview.

  • There are only three core issues that will be measured during a phone interview. By preparing for these three core issues we have seen candidates phone interviewing success improve. We define success as getting asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.

6) Leveraging the Internet is a best practice for getting found by recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Very few candidates know how to maximize the Internet for their job search. It's not enough just to get an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. You can have hundreds of recruiters and hiring managers find you by properly leveraging the Internet to expand networking methods. We devote an entire section to this topic.

7) Properly controlling the interview will ensure you get your message out.

  • Most interviews are a one-way interrogation by the hiring manager and very few candidates are asked back for a second interview. In most interviews, you never have an opportunity to convey your value. You will triple the number of times you get asked back for a second interview by learning how to properly control the interview so you get your value across to the hiring manager.

8) High turnover and short-term job experiences can kill most careers

  • Accepting the right job is the key to reducing high turnover. Most hiring managers are turned off by candidates who have a series of short-term job experiences. If you've done a little job-hopping or have short-term experiences, this workbook and our simple 5-step process will help you to overcome the negative perception of turnover.

9) Get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers

  • Don't let your resume end up with the other 300 resumes that came in from a job posting and subsequently ended up in the trashcan. Your resume will be moved into the "A" pile and you will immediately notice an increase in phone interview requests.

You're probably wondering how this workbook and our 5-step simple process can do all those things for your job search.


Mary Evans, Las Vegas NV


"I have to share with you, once I downloaded the ebook, I read it from beginning to end....Amazing!
I was so excited about the content, especially the section on preparing for an interview, that I must have a hardcopy of the book. I very much appreciated the section about revising the resume as I almost paid someone over $600 to rewrite mine.

The information presented in your book will provide the tools I need to accelerate my career to the next level. And, thinking in terms of a marketing brochure, I can see that no one can sell me better than me! I firmly believe in the marketing concept to open the door to the right opportunities.

I have several friends making career transitions and I know they will be interested in the book as well!


Barry Wallace, North Richland Hills, Texas.

"I got 5 interviews using this method so I would say it was very helpful."



Here's how this workbook and our 5-step simple process will immediately impact your job search:

This is not the type of job search workbook you sit down to read and forget about it 48 hours later.

This workbook will put you to work in your job search. We'll show you how to focus your efforts to reduce your time job hunting.

This is a job search workbook. It has exercises, templates, graphs, examples, and a step-by-step approach to a powerful job search.

Every step of a job search is covered, including how to develop a personal success profile, build an exceptional network, craft a resume that gets noticed, win every interview, write compelling cover letters and thank you letters, and negotiate employment contracts and offers.

We've taken a combined 50 years of experience of working with more than 100,000 candidates, consulting with thousands of companies to improve their hiring process, and deep research into the job search process to make this a comprehensive guide to help you avoid spinning your wheels and doing worthless activities. This workbook will put you to work on your job search starting from the first day you open it until you find a new job. Your friends will be amazed that you found a great job so quickly.

This is a book written for the executive who is conducting a job search. It deals with the unique issues an executive encounters and provides a complete and thorough set of solutions and resources.


Tom Willie, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"I had a phone interview scheduled the day after I received your email on the interview process. I was already prepared for the interview having performed the necessary background info on the company etc, however, while I thought it silly to stand in front of my desk, I found my conversation much more energetic and lively...kept my answers to less than 2 minutes even though I was really wanting to expand my thoughts more...and I felt the process and direction I downloaded from your site very helpful...I fly out this Wednesday for a series of interviews at the corporate office of the employer. Thanks for a timely email!"


Don't take my word for it. Listen to what our customers say.


Testimonial - Accelerate Your Search

For executives in transition, you can "Think of this as a job search workshop in a book. It’s filled with insights on how the search process really works, what hiring organizations are looking for, and specific, practical steps to accelerate your search."

Christopher Kondo, Ph.D.

Marketing Faculty

Cal State Fullerton

Testimonial - I was burned out networking

"My search was going nowhere. I was burned out and going through the motions. This book put me back on the right track. I found a new position in less than two months."

Rob Mallory

Boston, MA

Testimonial - I learned how to market my unique skills

"Must read for executives in transition! For those new in their search, all of the basics are covered. For those more experienced in seeking their next position, this book goes beyond the basics and provides insight from the recruiter perspective. The authors are seasoned veterans in placing the right executive in the right position. You will learn how to market your unique skill set and work experience. Most valuable are the things you should ask before deciding if the position offered is the right position for you. Good read and great reference book for your marketing profile and interviewing checklist."

Richard P. Hooper, Ph.D.

Orange County, CA

Testimonial - I got the job

"I credit this book with getting to the final round and getting me the job. I was prepared to answer any questions, I knew how to control the interview and my resume was right on target."

Louise Maynard

Chicago, IL.

Testimonial - It's about a long-term career:

"You don’t need other books in your personal library on the subject. This is the one you need to show you how to get the job that will give you long-term career satisfaction."

Rick Lamprecht

Lake Forest, CA.

Emmanuel Mtika, Project Manager, Rolls Royce

"Thank you for your book. It is the best book I have read on interviewing - by a wide margin. I would give you a 4.75 score, just because I don't want to give you 5 because I am sure that you can improve on it.

As a matter of fact, I have just landed a project manager position with Rolls Royce here in England, United Kingdom. I will tell you about how I owe it to your book and the audio files I downloaded for free on your website. I am now recommending the book to all my friends and associates."

Warning: Do NOT buy any job search book unless it meets the following 3 criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding advice and help in a job search. We want to give you 3 criteria that must be met before you purchase another book, sign up for another job hunting webinar, or listen to advice from a "career expert" or recruiter:

1: Every job search process must be comprehensive. This is the only step-by-step workbook that covers the complete job search process from the beginning through what to do after you start in your new job.

Stop lowering your standards and jumping from one average job to the next. We'll show you how to master the job search process throughout your career.

2: This workbook is exclusively for executives. Other books take the one-size-fits-all approach.

We know the executive faces a completely different set of issues. We address each of these issues that only you'll encounter.

3: This book is unique because of the authors. Barry Deutsch and Brad Remillard, partners and founders of IMPACT Hiring Solutions are acknowledged world-class experts in hiring and job search. Anyone can write a book. Anyone can claim expertise in job search or career management. You need experts who have the depth of experience measured across decades, insightful published research, a national reputation, and interviews numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

We've had the unusual experience of seeing young adults come out of college 25 years ago and today they are CEOs, Vice Presidents, and Senior Executives. In more than 100,000 interviews over the last 25 years, we've identified why some executives succeed in their job search and others flounder and flop around like fish out of water.

Don't rely on folks who call themselves experts just because they've given themselves a fancy title and hung out a shingle to try and make a little money in the recession off the unfortunate fact that you're conducting a job search.

Don't rely on someone who has been on the outside looking in. Barry and Brad run one of the most successful Retained Executive Search Firms in the country.

Your job search is too important to put in the hands of people who have no idea how hiring really works in most companies.

Before you spend a dime on any job search materials, make sure the person writing the book, leading the workshop, or handing-out free advice knows what the job search issues are for your position and has experience solving them for executives.

Make sure you get at least 10 to 20 times your money's worth!

Michael West, Walnut CA

"Your phone interview chapter was great, I knew about most of the techniques you mention, but it's always about using them. I read it before I did a phone interview later that afternoon. I stood during the phone interview; it helped a lot! The recruiter told me they were sending it forward (so, I passed). Amazing how your suggestion actually made a REAL difference."

Our book will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

Depending on your annual compensation, here is what it costs you every day you are out looking:

$100,000 = $274/day

$150,000 = $411/day

$200,000 = $548/day

$300,000 = $822/day

One month's salary is more than $10,000 for most executives.

In summary, here's what you get in this job search workbook and our 5-step simple process:

# Over 125 pages covering every aspect of an effective job search.

# Personal Success Profile Template.

# Networking exercise.

# When to use a bio and when to use a resume.

# Example of a bio that gets referrals.

# Example of a resume that gets noticed and 4 that don't.

# Example of a cover letter that increased call backs by 200%.

# Resume dos and don'ts.

# 10 critical questions to ask during the interviewing process.

# The real purpose of a Thank You letter and an example of one that helped to get the job.

# What should be included in your next employment agreement.

# How a phone interview differs from a face-to-face interview and the preparation for each.

# Templates and exercises to turbo-charge your search.

# How to leverage the Internet to make you easy to find.

# Tips for working with recruiters.

# Example of a networking business card.

# Financial checklist you need to consider when entering a transition stage.

# Over 100 questions to ask about a company's values, leadership style, a company's vision and departmental goals.

# The 10 most important questions to ask in an interview.

# A list of over 25 questions you need to be prepared to answer.


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