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Career Turnover

Can Crash Your Job Search


 Circle of Transition


Too much turnover can ruin one's career faster than just about anything else in the job search. More and more companies are asking us, "Why so many jobs?" Too much turnover is something we can't define, but we all know it when we see it. Turnover is also something we can't hide on a resume. Sooner or later it is going to come out.

Granted there are good reasons for leaving a job. Bad things happen to to good people. The problem sets in when bad things continue to happen to good people over and over again. Most employers become skeptical when the excuses or reasons all sound the same. Let's face it, it is hard to believe the last 6 of 8 jobs the company was sold, new management came in, the company consolidated operations, etc. Even if these all are true, what our clients reply to us is, "This person either isn't very perseptive or they are not doing thorough research before accepting the position. Either way they aren't right for us."

We beleive turnover is caused most of the time by a bad decision to accept a position the candidate should have walked away from. But because they are in the "Circle of Transition" they can't or won't.

We are convinced absolutely nothing will impact your search and utimately your career more than the "Circle of

Transition." You must know at

all times where you are in the circle and how to avoid entering the "Circle of Transition."

That is why we are offering this to you for FREE. We beleive it is that important for all candidates that it would be wrong to charge for it.

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If you are in the "Cicle Of Transition" you must get out as soon as possible. To help you, our job search workbook has the solutions and is FREE for only the cost of shipping ($5). It will be the best $5 you spend on your career.

Few if any other career management or career help books deal witht his critical topic.

Don't lose another opportunity. If you have turnover you must consider changing. Today's market is too competitive.

This book will even give you a template or worksheet to complete that will absolutely ensure you get out of the circle or don't enter it.

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