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Success Factor Methodology™ Complete Hiring System

Our most popular product - a complete hiring system that provides hiring manager training and hiring process improvement

You can test drive this for just $2.49.

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Do you put candidates in the job BEFORE you hire them?

If not, you're probably headed for the 56% hiring failure dilemma!


STOP letting your hiring managers pretend they are fortune tellers - use our validated system to improve hiring manager training, hiring accuracy, and interviewing techniquesOur hiring solution - the Success Factor Methodology - is specifically designed to PUT CANDIDATES IN THE JOB BEFORE YOU HIRE THEM. IMAGINE if you had a simple process that could predict and yield accurate results on hiring 80-90% of the time! Let there be NO MORE crystal ball gazing into the future.




Get the Hiring Methodology Assessment Scorecard and our Complete Hiring System for the

next 30 days for just $2.49

In 30 days you can send it back or we will bill you $496.51

GET the Complete Hiring System for pennies and be amazed at the material for hiring manager and interview training, hiring process improvement, and how to find candidates

Would this methodology make a difference? Of course it would!

In fact - it would probably be an earth-shattering difference! STOP relying on gazing into the crystall ball and crossing your fingers - hoping the candidate makes it through the 90 day probationary period. There is a better approach - you can achieve a high level of accuracy in hiring top talent. The Success Factor Methodology can be implemented at every level in the company - even at the most basic level of supervision.

Are you ready to put an immediate stop to the frustrating cycle of average to poor hiring? Get our Complete Hiring System Solution which contains the tools to fully implement the Success Factor Methodology in your company.

Learn more about overcoming the most common reasons for hiring failure

Learn more about overcoming the most common reasons for hiring failure

Testimonials from companies who have implemented the

Success Factor Methodology

James Conklin, President of an $200 million electronic components manufacturer in the Los Angelss area told us:

" We have saved thousands in recruiter fees since implementing this system. Recruiters were the first people we called when a position opened up, now they are the last. If we can't fill it with this system first, only then will we call recruiters. Those calls have been reduced by 50%."

Tim K., President of a medium-sized aftermarket automotive parts manufacturer in the Chicago area told us:

"It isn’t the cost of a bad hire that transforms companies. It is the value of one great hire that transforms companies. Once our executive team and managers started using the Success Factor Methodology, we basically stopped making hiring mistakes."

Mark L., Vice President of Human Resources for an entrepreneurial plastics distributor in the Boston area told us:

"We failed 3 times in trying to hire a Vice President of Sales. The Success Factor Methodology allowed us to finally get it right on the 4th try. The candidate we hired by using this process, not only hit our expectations, but in many cases far exceeded them."

The Success Factor Methodology?

The Success Factor Methodology was developed by two of the country’s top executive recruiters, Brad Remillard and Barry Deutsch. Having worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of candidates for more than 20 years, they realized that some companies were outstanding at hiring the very best and brightest, while others were failing at it. HOW could some companies be better at hiring than others? In 2005 IMPACT Hiring Solutions commissioned an independent research study of over 100 companies and 230 executive hires to answer that question and identify the 10 biggest hiring mistakes companies make.

The outcome of the Ten Biggest Hiring Mistakes research was a validation of the Success Factor Methodology. In the past, the ability to implement the concepts of the Success Factor Methodology was only available through our University in-house program or through an executive search. We now taken all our tools that have been developed to teach and implement the Methodology and packaged them together in a kit for you called The Complete Hiring System.

There is no other comparable system or toolkit available for purchase for entrepreneurial and middle-market companies to implement best practices in hiring. Big companies can afford to hire trainers, course developers, licensees for training programs, create training films and audio programming at the cost of $25,000-$50,000. You can now get this same benefit through our Complete Hiring System.


Testimonials about the value provided by our Complete Hiring System:

John M., Director of Manufacturing for a electronics OEM component manufacturer told us about the value of the kit to his organization:

"I attended one of their in-house training programs for all our hiring managers. It was so successful we purchased the complete hiring system. Our hiring managers now interview better and we have accountability for each hire. This is an excellent process and we should have been using for years."

Julie R., Chief Financial Officer of a food products company in the Atlanta area, shared this comment with us about how the kit has helped her company:

"Our cost per hire is half of last years. The process works and works well. We have hired 5 new people in the last year and all are exceeding our expectations. The after interview assessment has really help us vet the candidates better."


Try the Complete Hiring System for 30 days - Satisfaction Guaranteed or send it back.


We're so confident of your satisfaction - We'll back it up with our Guarantee


guarantee_130_x_110.jpgFor $2.95 plus shipping/handling, you can get the entire Complete Hiring System. On a per day basis, that's less than the price of a cup of coffee to have the opportunity to try out one of the most powerful and validated hiring systems available. If within 30 days you're not convinced the system can help dramatically improve hiring within your company, just package up the Kit and send it back us with no further obligation.

No Questions asked - just our 100% Guarantee you'll find this to be one of the most valuable implementation tools for which you've ever made an investment.

If you find it be of high value and are completely satisfied, we'll bill your credit card for $496.51 at the end of 30 days.

I want the Hiring Methodology Assessement Scorecard + the Complete Hiring System for the trial offer of $2.49

GET the Complete Hiring System for pennies and be amazed at the material for hiring manager and interview training, hiring process improvement, and how to find candidates

No other company will let you try their product for $2.49 for 30 days.

Don't buy another hring system unless you get all this.

checkmark A copy of our book, "You’re NOT the Person I Hired: A CEO’s Survival Guide to Hiring Top Talent" With over 8,000 currently in print.

checkmark 4 CD’s of live presentations detailing each step in our Success Factor Methodology Hiring System.

checkmark Defining Success – Why traditional job descriptions are worthless for hiring.

checkmark Sourcing top talent – How you can stop fishing in shallow waters for candidates and move to the deep and wide pool of candidates we call passive candidates.

checkmark Interviewing – Separate those that embellish from those that really can do the job with probing interviews.

checkmark Candidate Assessment – Our most popular download is a tool to ensure you properly assess the candidate abilities.

checkmark Validation – Other tips and techniques using outside sources to validate the candidate actually did what they say they did.

checkmark 2 DVD’s of live presentations on the two critical steps in the process - Barry addresses the #1 hiring mistake – so you don’t make it and Brad shows you how to start attracting top talent

checkmark Our Success Factor Methodology Desktop Hiring Guide. This guide has a complete interview with our 5 Key questions and follow/up probing questions. We even laminated it so you can use this directly in an interview or just as a quick refresher.

checkmark 25 Success Factor Worksheets

checkmark 25 Phone interview templates

checkmark 25 Eight-Matrix candidate interviewing assessment templates

checkmark 25 Candidate validation or reference checking templates

checkmark 30 minute executive summary CD of the complete process.

checkmark A detailed set of instructions to help you implement this hiring system without causing chaos in the organization.

Still not convinced this is a tool that could transform your hiring forever.

Here's specifically what you'll get:

30 minute executive summary CD of the complete process. This 9-track CD is the best tool we have. In just 30 minutes, it reviews the complete system start to finish. This is mandatory if you only hire occasionally.
  • A detailed set of instructions to help you implement this hiring system without causing chaos in the organization. This step-by-step instruction guide will lead you through each phase of the process so that over time you will have integrated the complete hiring solution in your company painlessly and without creating more chaos.


The 10 Biggest Hirng Mistakes

This one CD alone is worth the investment of the Complete Hiring System.

If your company can avoid making the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes, you'll save thousands of dollars in costly hires that don’t work out.

Avoiding just one hiring mistake will more than justify the investment in the Complete Hiring System.

You can make your next great hire for less that a Cafe Latte.


To claim your Hiring Methodology Assessment Scorecard and test drive our 2010 Upgraded

Complete HiringSystem for just $2.49 click the buy button.

At the end of 30 days either ship it back to us for no

further obilgation or we will bill your credit card for $496.51 balance.

GET the Complete Hiring System for pennies and be amazed at the material for hiring manager and interview training, hiring process improvement, and how to find candidates

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