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Three Of Our Best Selling Products Bundled Into One


Specifically Created To Accelerate Your Job Search


This Is The Best We Have To Offer And Includes:


1) Both of Our Complete LinkedIn Webinars

Creating A Powerful LinkedIn Profile (Regular Price $99)

Making Yourself Findable On LinkedIn (Regular Price $99)


2) Our Best-Selling Job Search eBook (Regular Price $25.95)


This is everything you need to get back to work fast.


The regular price for all three of these is over $200

Reduced by over 75%



Nathon Marks you asked for reduced pricing and we delivered on you request


This includes all of the PowerPoint slides and the complete audio recording for both webinars


The complete eBook including the templates, exercises and charts.


Webinar 1

Building a Powerful LinkedIn Profile includes:


  • Discover the hands down number one reason recruiters view your proflle and never call you.
  • Learn the most important item missing from 90% of all profiles.
  • Learn how recruiters conduct searches using LinkedIn.
  • Learn what recruiters look for on your profile.
  • Make your profile present you as the expert in your field.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to find company contacts.
  • Rapidly increase your number of contacts.
  • Find the people in the companies on your target list.
  • Target your resume to the hiring authority, not the HR stack.


This is the complete 1 hour webinar. Nothing is left out.


Building a great (not average or fair) profile

is the KEY to LinkedIn.

You will start getting interviews and your next job.



Webinar 2

Making Yourself Findable On LinkedIn

checkmark How I went from page 17 to the number 1 position out of over 71,000 executive recruiters.

checkmark How you can optimize your profile so it shows up on page 1.

checkmark How to use key words that align with search criteria.

checkmark How to stay on page 1.

checkmark Where to strategically locate your key words so LinkedIn picks them up.

checkmark Why your title may not be the right key word people search on.

checkmark How best to identify the key words and phrase to use.

checkmark How recruiters search for your profile on LinkedIn.


This webinar is so important it took over 1 hour.


You can have the best profile on LinkedIn

and it doesn't matter,

if you can't be found.


Our best selling eBook

Reader Rating out of 5 stars. 106 ratings.

9 reasons this eBook will change your job search for the better.

1) 5 step easy process to follow.

  • By following these simple steps, you will dramatically reduce your time searching. Many have cut this time in half.

2) Get recruiters to call you back.

  • We will show you how to get 80% of the recruiters you call to return your call.

3) Find the hidden job market.

  • You can reduce your time in-transition by months if you get to the hidden job market. This translates into tens of thousands dollars in your pocket.
4) Learn how to get the right referrals from your contacts.
  • The quickest hires come from referrals. We have helped hundreds of candidates more than double their referrals.

5) Learn the special preparation required for a phone interview.

  • We share the three issues that can be measured during a phone interview. By preparing for these three critical issues we have seen candidates phone interviewing success more than double. We define success as getting asked to come in for a face-to-face interview.

6) Leveraging the internet is a best practice for getting found by recruiters and hiring managers.

  • Very few candidates know how to maximize the internet. You can have hundreds more recruiters and hiring managers find you by properly leveraging the internet, than through traditional networking methods. There are three pages dedicated to this topic.

7) Properly controlling the interview will ensure you get your message out.

  • You will more than double the number of times you get asked back for the second interview by learning how to properly control the interview so you get your message out.

8) If you have high turnover this is a must book for you.

  • Accepting the right job is the key to reducing high turnover. This book was written specifically for you. How many times have you thought of the title of this book after accepting a new position? This is a roadmap to the right job, for the long-term

9) Get your resume noticed by recruiters and hiring managers

  • Don't let your resume end up with the other 300 resumes that came in from a job posting. Your resume will stand out, move to the "A" pile. You will immediately notice the increase in calls.

Hundreds paid more than this just for one webinar.


Hundreds have paid $25.95 just for the eBook.


Now you can have all three for just $49.95.




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This is an EBOOK and therefore it is not designed to be printed.


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This is our best effort to help those that are frustrated in their job search. For anyone who has downloaded any of our many FREE resources, you know we do our very best to provide the most complete and effective job search tools on the Internet.

We believe these three specific tools will help everyone dramatically accelerate their job search.

Thanks for your support and please be sure to check out all our many FREE tools and resources.