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Find Your Next Job With LinkedIn

March 26, 2010

9 - 10 AM PST

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Hundreds of recruiters, HR professionals, and hiring managers are searching LinkedIn at this very minute.

Hoping they will find YOU.


Only one question should come to your mind right now.


"Will they look at my profile and call me?"

If you thought anything other than, " YES, ABSOLUTELY,"  one thing is certain -

you will be in a job search much longer than you should be.

Change just one thing on your profile and the calls will start. Really just this one thing.

How is your current LinkedIn profile working for you?


So you think you can just ignore LinkedIn in your job search?

Here are some facts on LinkedIn:

  • Most recruiters begin the process of identifying potential candidates using LinkedIn.
  • 90% of people rate their profile as fair, not even good.
  • If your resume was "fair," how many call backs do you think you would get?
  • For my last three placements, all of the candidates came directly from LinkedIn.
  • Three of my clients have hired mid-level professionals in the last 6 months. All were from LinkedIn.
  • More executive level candidates are found on LinkedIn than many of the job boards.
  • More and more HR professionals, interim firms, and hiring managers start the search process using LinkedIn before they place an ad.
  • LinkedIn now has over 45 million people for recruiters, HR, interim firms, and hiring authorities to choose from.
  • If your profile is just "fair" you will end up in the "B" pile. There are just too many people to choose from.

No job seeker can avoid LinkedIn. You should embrace it and use it to your advantage.

The purpose of this webinar is to teach you how to embrace Linkedin and use it to its fullest capabilities.

How will this webinar help you find a job?


  • Discover the hands down number one reason recruiters view your proflle and never call you.
  • Learn the most important item missing from 90% of all profiles.
  • Learn how recruiters conduct searches using LinkedIn.
  • Learn what recruiters look for on your profile.
  • Make your profile present you as the expert in your field.
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to find company contacts.
  • Rapidly increase your number of contacts.
  • Find the people in the companies on your target list.
  • Target your resume to the hiring authority, not the HR stack.



Building a great (not average or fair) profile

is the KEY to LinkedIn.

You will start getting interviews and your next job.


If  your profile is just "fair," we will show you how to make it not just "good" but "compelling."

If  your profile is just "fair," we will show you how to make you the expert in your field.

If  your profile is just "fair," we will show you how to ensure you get the call from the recruiter.


Save 50% With The Value Package.

Here is what  you will receive:

checkmark Access to the live webinar.

checkmark All of the PowerPoint slides used in the webinar.

checkmark A complete audio recording of the webinar.


We really want you to succeed so we have added these 3 gifts ONLY with this offer. No one else will receive these.

FREE GIFT #1- "Winning the Phone Interview"

The tips in this bonus could easily sell for $100 or more. Thousands of people have received this information with rave reviews. This is a free bonus gift with no strings attached. Taken from over 100,000 interviews we conducted, we will teach you the errors you must avoid and the techniques you must know.

FREE GIFT #2- "Resumes Are Worthless

The vast majority of resumes are worthless, boring, mundane, and over 99% end up in the circular file. Why? Learn how you can create a knockout document called a Personal Marketing Brochure built upon your Success Profile. If you follow the tactics laid out in this cutting edge program, you'll have hiring executives and managers begging you to interview for their open positions.

FREE GIFT #3- "8 Point Success Matrix LinkedIn Profile Self Assessment

Are you beige? Do you fade into the woodwork or background? Does your LinkedIn Profile get skimmed over for those who are more attractive in terms of personal branding, depth, and outstanding information? Your LinkedIn Profile is critical to your success in being found by recruiters, Human Resource Professionals, and Hiring Managers conducting searches on LinkedIn to fill open positions. Use this assessment to find out where you stand and what you can do to STAND OUT.




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March 26, 2010  9:00 to 10:00 AM PST

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