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Frustrations over the lack of an effective resume

Are You Frustrated that Your Resume is not Getting You Job Interviews?

Get Job Interviews with Powerful Resumes and Cover Letters


Do you know the 3 things that will ensure your resume gets reviewed?

Do you know the one secret that will boost your resume acceptance rate?

Do you know the 2-step strategy of leveraging social media to improve your ability to get an interview after submitting your resume and cover letter?

Can you describe the most important element required in a cover letter?


If you answered 'NO" to any of these questions (forget about answering "NO" to all the questions) then you absolutely need to participate in this webinar.

You're probably scratching your head, wringing your hands, holding your head in hands over a frustration level that is ready to blow. We'll bet your resume acceptance rate (the number of times you get an interview based on submitting your resume and cover letter) is less than 10%. We'll bet the real statistic of your resume acceptance rate is probably less than 1%.

How can you conduct a job search with a resume acceptance rate of less than 1%?

You must be frustrated, weary, and tired from having sent 500 resumes and cover letters over the last 6 months to job postings and you've only received less than 5 in-person interviews.

I probably would have given up by now - NOTHING is worth doing with those poor results. You'd have better luck just sitting at home wishing the phone would ring.

That's the very depressing bad news.

The good news is that there is hope for you.

Using proven, validated, researched, and successful best practices -- you too can easily create winning resumes and cover letters.


If no one is granting you interviews, what good is your resume?

To conduct an effective job search, your resume acceptance rate must be above 50%



Save over 75%


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Traditional Resumes Are Worthless

Your resume has to scream out value. Within about 10 seconds, the person reading your resume has to identify "What's in it for me?" If they don't, they move on to the next resume. Recruiters will only give you 5 seconds. So what can you do to ensure your resume gets noticed?

Stop using traditional resumes!

We have reviewed tens of thousands of resumes in our 50+ plus years of collective experience. Now we want to help you get your resume to the top of the pile and be the first one to get the call. A great resume clearly demonstrates your value and benefits to the company. It is not a bunch of facts and figures. Instead it's about communicating basic information and then communicating how you can solve the hiring manager's pain. This webinar is going to answer exactly how you can demonstrate that in less than two pages and in 10 seconds.

Some commonly asked questions about resumes are:

  • Should I use a functional or chronological format?
  • How far back should I go?
  • How many pages should a resume be?
  • Should I include a cover letter?
  • How do I hide high turnover?
  • How do I show all my experience?
  • What do I do if my resume makes me look over or under qualified?

These are just a few of the most common questions we get asked about resumes. All are valid and need to be answered. You may have other questions about your resume. This webinar will answer these and any questions you have.


You're probably wondering what we're going to cover in this webinar:

Here's what you'll learn that will immediately boost your resume acceptance rate:

  • The number one most important step required before writing a powerful resume
  • The Inside Secrets of Retained Executive Recruiters to get your resume accepted
  • The 3 Key Things Everyone MUST HAVE on their Resume
  • Customizing Your Resume  -- Position by Position
  • Why Most Cover Letters never get looked at - How to fix this basic problem
  • The Hot Potato Method of Applying to Jobs and why it doesn't work
  • The Swarming Method of Leveraging Social Media to gain Resume Acceptance


Don't believe us. Read what others say:

Daniel Womack, Cincinnati, OH "My resume was one that was similar to all the rest. After this webinar I completely rewrote it using the techniques to create a marketing-based resume, instead of a fact-based resume. It changed my response rate almost instantly. One recruiter even commented on how my resume stood out from all the rest he received."

Eric Nagy, Fresno, CA "I hired a resume service to help with my resume. They didn't do anything to really help me sell myself. This is the first time I have heard recruiters lay out how to create a resume that actually markets me and my background. I wouldn't have hired myself using my old resume. Thanks for a great webinar, I look forward to attending the others."

Ellen Newman, Boise, ID "After this webinar I agree that traditional resumes are worthless. Creating a marketing brochure is the right approach. I had a lot of questions about my resume and you answered all of them. My background and experiences are very diversified and that created a problem to communicate effectively. Your webinar brought clarity how to communicate the benefits instead of features. Others have copied my format."

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