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Hiring Manager On-Site Course

You're NOT The Person I Hired


Image of our popular on-site hiring manager course - You're Not the Person I Hired


A revolutionary hiring system that demonstrates how to

"Put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them."

This nationally recognized and award-winning program has been presented to well over 10,000 CEOs, key executives and hiring managers over the past 5 years. This program was voted as having the BIGGEST IMPACT on companies by Vistage International, one of the world's largest CEO and key executive organizations in the world. We bring this course directly to your company to eliminate the hiring problems haunting your organization.

As an on-site program for your hiring managers, we customize the course to ensure your managers walk away with the ability to attract, hire and retain top talent for your unique organization. We will teach every manager our proprietary Success Factor Methodology hiring process that will put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them.

Finding and hiring top talent is simple if you have the right process!

Others say this about our hiring clinic:

John Wilson, CEO, Tulsa OK. "One of the best hiring programs we have heard. This program is engaging and full of energy. The biggest feedback we received from our managers was "MORE TIME." This process will completely change how your company hires. It is a simple process and one that just makes sense."

Bill Cohen, VP HR, Chicago, IL. "We thought we had a good hiring process. The CEO heard an overview of the program and insisted we train all our managers on the Success Factor Methodology. I was skeptical having heard and attended many workshops on hiring in my 20 years. I was a complete believer after the first hour. This process really does change how to hire and really does make sure the person can do the job before we hire them. I'm a big fan now and we continue to use the process."


REQUEST NOW a custom quote for your hiring manager course and we will make sure one of our experts contacts you directly to discuss how we can develop a program tailored for your company.

Request a Custom Quote to bring one of our partners to your company so that all your hiring managers can learn how to use the Success Factor Methodology and stop making hiring mistakes


We know of no other program on the market today that covers the complete hiring process as thoroughly as ours. Most hiring workshops are about interviewing and assessing the candidates. That only covers a small portion of the hiring process. Hiring top talent starts long before the interview.

Your managers have to:

  1. know advanced sourcing techniques to find passive candidates
  2. know how to interview with a specific purpose and what they want to achieve during the interview.
  3. know if the standards for top talent are the same for everyone in your company
  4. be able to bring top talent to your lobby. You can't interview top talent if all that's coming to the lobby is average or below average talent.
  5. know how to measure fit. Just because they can do the job, doesn't mean then can adapt to your environment, culture and management style.

If you implement what we teach in our half-day or full-day training session and your hiring accuracy does not dramatically improve in the following year, we will refund 100% of the cost of the seminar.Our half-day program gives an in-depth and information-packed overview of the Success Factor Methodology.

Our expert trainers cover the fundamentals of transforming your hiring process.


5 Steps To Consistently Hire Top Talent For

Every Position

checkmark How to define success in the role. Traditional job descriptions are worthless when hiring.

checkmark How to stop bland advertising and instead create a Compelling Marketing Statement.

checkmark How to eliminate embellishment during the interview with just 5 questions.

checkmark How to assess and vet candidates' abilities to do the job and identify substantive follow up steps.

checkmark How to validate candidates' claims fully, legally, and ethically

Each participant will receive:

  • A copy of our book You're NOT the Person I Hired. This is a comprehensive reference tool for all aspects of the workshop. Currently, more than 8,000 copies are in the hands of CEOs and hiring managers.
  • Our research paper of more than 230 hires and 130 companies that identifies the 10 biggest hiring mistakes companies make.
  • A 30-minute executive summary CD of the course for a quick refresher if you only hire a couple of times a year.
  • A laminated copy of our Desktop Hiring Guide.
  • A 20+page color workbook with all of the PowerPoint slides, notes that enhance the slides, and room for your own personal notes to trigger your memory.

During the full-day program, participants get hands-on experience by putting the concepts of the half-day program into practice.We work with breakout groups doing realistic exercises, role-plays, and concrete group activities to embed the learning and start building skills. These activities include:

  1. Taking a current job description and converting it into a Success Factor Snapshot.
  2. Developing a sourcing campaign including a Compelling Marketing Statement
  3. Role-play interviewing and probing deeply with the 5 questions

Request a Custom Quote to bring one of our partners to your company so that all your hiring managers can learn how to use the Success Factor Methodology and stop making hiring mistakes

guarantee_130_x_110.jpgNo questions asked. Just our 100% guarantee that you'll find this to be one of  your most worthy investments. If you don't agree, just let us know for a complete refund.


You're Not the Person I Hired

Get the book that shows you how to put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them!

With almost 10,000 copies in print, thousands of companies have implemented the Success Factor Methodology described in our book. You should be hiring top talent.

Transform your hiring process today by ordering a copy of the book. Are you ready to start hiring top talent?

Buy the book that will change your life as a hiring manager.

Virtual Chief Talent Officer

What if you could have a Chief Talent Officer in your back pocket when you need it? Imagine having a Virtual Chief Talent Officer available at any time. Get on-call help and on-demand consulting to implement the Success Factor Methodology.

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