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Hiring Managers and Recruiters searching for you on LinkedIn - is your LinkedIn Profile visible in your job search?



Are you visible with your LinkedIn Profile. Are you a Beacon - a bright light that attracts job leads, job referrals and hiring managers?


Are You Invisible in Your Job Search?

Or are you beige? Do you fade into the woodwork or background? Does your LinkedIn Profile get skimmed over for those which are more attractive in terms of personal branding, depth, and outstanding information? See our Blog Postings on using LinkedIn and Personal Branding

Your LinkedIn Profile is critical to your success in being found by recruiters, Human Resource Professionals, and Hiring Managers conducting searches on LinkedIn to fill open positions.

Let Hiring Managers easily find you in their Candidate Search

You'll see how easy it is to bounce right to the top of the stack in a search by recruiters, HR professionals, and Hiring Managers once you've taken our 8-Point Success Matrix for Self-Assessment of LinkedIn Profile. To receive your copy of the Job Search LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment matrix, click the button below. You'll be taken to the FREE section of our store. We will not ask you for a credit card or any other financial information - the Job Search LinkedIn Profile 8-Point Success Matrix is FREE. You will need to provide some basic information about yourself to receive the FREE Matrix for use in leveraging LinkedIn in your job search.

Download the Job Search LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment

We'll add you to our list of those interested in being the FIRST in their job search to learn about our exclusive offers of FREE Audio Programs, FREE Templates and Checklists, and FREE samples and illustrations. If at any time you would like to opt-out of this exclusive group of individuals, just send us note back and we'll remove you form our hot tips and job search update list.

Get the 8-Point Success Matrix LinkedIn Profile Self-Assessment

Get the 8-Point Success Matrix to self-assess your job search LinkedIn Profile

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