Product Catalog for Hiring Managers and Candidates

Image conveying that owning our products is like having your own personal coach to help you in hiring top talent or in your job search

Owning our products is similar to having your own personal coach providing step-by-step instructions.

Hiring Managers gain deep insight into finding, interviewing, and selecting top talent.

The products for Hiring Managers reinforce the key elements of the Success Factor Methodology.

Executive Candidates develop the skills to quickly find an outstanding opportunity and reduce their time in-transition between jobs.

The products for Executive Candidates show you how to use the principles of the Career Success Methodology to find your next great job.


Hiring Manager Product Catalog

Image of a Hiring Product from our Hiring Manager Product Catalog - the Desktop Hiring Guide

For a small investment, your company can now have the tools to implement hiring best practices for which arger companies pay thousands in fees.

The hiring products listed in our Hiring Manager Product Catalog will provide a deep introduction to best practices or a great refresher on the Success Factor Methodology for your hiring managers.


Candidate Product Catalog

Image of a Job Search Product from our Candidate Product Catalog - the Resume Success System

Our Candidate Products provide the tools to implement the Career Success Methodology, from our e-Book,This is NOT the Position I Took, to our audio programs.

These products will reduce your transition time between jobs, shorten your job search, improve your batting average in interviews. Imagine giving your career and job search a booster shot in the arm. 


Spotlight on Hiring Manager and Candidate Services

You're Not the Person I Hired

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