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A Complete Interview At Your Finger Tips



Ever wonder which questions to ask in an interview?

Do all your hiring managers have the training to know how to probe deeply?

Are you confident your hiring managers have the skills to identify candidates who embellish?

These are issues that confront most people during the interviewing process. Few hiring managers have any formal interviewing training. Since most only hire once or twice a year, their skills become rusty. As a result, the interview becomes more about liking the candidate than their ability to do the job.

This is why we created our Desktop Hiring Guide

Our Desktop Hiring Guide puts a structured and complete interview within reach of every hiring manager. Whether they interview everyday or only once a year, we have provided you and your team the ability to interview like a pro.

You won’t have to wonder about which questions to ask. We provide your team probing follow-up questions that will quickly determine if the candidate is embellishing. But most important, our guide will ensure that your hiring team is focused like a laser beam on whether the candidate:

Can do the job to your performance standards

Possesses the characteristics ALL TOP PERFORMERS POSSESS

Will fit within your culture, adapt to your management style and perform with your resources

If you want your team to hire the best and the brightest, your team needs

the tools to ensure the candidates they interview are the best and the


Our Desktop Hiring Guide will give your hiring team the skills to identify if a candidate possesses the characteristics of all top performers.

High Initiative. All candidates demonstrate initiative during the interview, but how many actually bring it to work with them. We will give you a series of questions that will determine if they actually bring initiative to work and whether they do so consistently.

Execution. Do they have a track record of delivering results or do they make excuses why the job didn’t get done on time and on budget. Our guide will demonstrate how to probe deeply, without offending the candidate, to ensure that this person will deliver the results you want, when you what them and how you want them.

Leadership. Ever interview a candidate who wasn’t a great leader during the interview and then comes on board and has the leadership style similar to Attila the Hun? Candidates are all good leaders at least once. Let our guide give your team the tools to determine what kind of leader they really are. Can they lead cross-functional teams or only when they have authority? Are they leaders in only good times or can they lead when things get tough and times are difficult? Most important, are they a leader or a manager?

Does your team have the skills, knowledge and training to determine if candidates possess these traits? If not, are they just interviewing to determine if they like the person?

This is your opportunity to really improve interviewing and hiring in your company. Don’t let another bad hire happen because your team isn’t prepared.


No questions asked. Just our 100% guarantee that you'll find this to be one your most worthy investments. If you don't agree, just send them back for a complete refund.



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