Development of a Success Factor Snapshot for a Critical Role

Developing Success Factor Snapshots will help you to ensure that every hire achieves your expectationsHow important is it for your next hire to hit your expectations of results?

What happens if they miss?

What are the ramifications or consequences?

Let's pretend you're trying to hire a Vice President of Sales. The business plan that you committed to the investors was to deliver 15% sales growth. Your new VP of Sales achieves 6% at the end of 12 months. You're stunned. You thought everything was just fine in the sales department. Now, you've got to let your VP of Sales go; someone whom you thought was going to be one of your most successful hires ever.

The out-of-pocket costs you paid (recruiting fees, training, benefits, relocation) are inconsequential compared to the results that were not achieved. Not only do you have egg on your face, your bonus payout this year will be zero. You've lost the confidence of the investor group, you've set the business plan back two years, and your own job is at risk, all over a mistake in hiring the wrong person.

What if you had invested one hour in developing a Success Factor Snapshot? What if this investment avoided a hiring mistake?

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How did this hiring mistake happen?

The person you hired for the role had an impeccable background with great companies and an outstanding educational background. The candidate had even done a stint at one of your competitors in a sales management role.

The candidate had great stories, was engaging, friendly, warm, and appeared to be the model of what you were seeking. The two of you hit it off immediately in the first interview. At the time, you thought "This is it. I'm hiring an exceptional person for one of the most important roles on my team."

Where did you fail?

You failed long before you even met the first candidate on your search for a new hire. By not developing a Success Factor Snapshot that spelled out specifically the outcomes and results for this critical role, you predetermined that your hire was going to fail. By using the traditional job description and checking off the laundry list of boxes for years of experience, types of companies worked in, minimum education, skills and knowledge, and generic attitude and behavior, you drove your hiring process in the wrong direction.

Our Success Factor Snapshot Development Project will dramatically improve your success of your next critical hire. Sometimes, it can also improve the performance of a team member who is not delivering results to your level of expectation.


Testimonials for Converting Traditional Job Descriptions:

"We had IMPACT Hiring Solutions help us develop a Success Factor Snapshot for a Chief Financial Officer position after we had to fire our most recent hire of only 4 months. The difference was amazing. The energy and time up-front to create the Success Factor Snapshot was well worth the investment. We hired a top performer as a result of creating the Success Factor Snapshot."

R.T., Executive Vice President
Medical Products Company
Oklahoma City, OK

"We finally learned our lesson after 2 back-to-back mistakes of hiring a senior project manager. Once IMPACT Hiring Solutions helped us through the process of creating a Success Factor Snapshot, we were able to focus with laser accuracy on the right candidate. On top of making a great hire for the project manager role, we gained the internal capability through this project to extend the development of Success Factor Snapshots through-out our company."

P.N., VP-Human Resources
Design and Build Construction Firm
Columbus, OH


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Learn how to develop a Success Factor Snapshot

We'll coach you through the process of defining short-term, medium-term, and long-term quantifiable results. We'll use our structured SOAR Worksheet for Defining Success.

You'll learn through this coaching exercise how to prepare a Success Factor Snapshot for other positions. Finally, you'll have a tool that will show you where to fish for candidates, measure their ability to deliver the results you need, and will help to manage their performance after you've made the hire.

Research and studies of hiring accuracy show that the hiring process, as it is traditionally conducted by most companies, is not much more accurate than flipping a coin. One of the major reasons for this level of variability and random success is the lack of a strong definition of success, what we term the Success Factor Snapshot.


Impact of a Success Factor Snapshot

We have thousands of case studies over the last 15-20 years demonstrating that when you make a small investment of time to develop a Success Factor Snapshot, hiring accuracy improves dramatically.

The Success Factor Snapshot guides the hiring process toward top talent as opposed to just filling a seat.

Using the Success Factor Snapshot transforms the hiring process from luck to a rigorous process of finding, selecting, and recruiting top talent. How do you know if you need to develop a Success Factor Snapshot for your next hire? Take advantage of our FREE SFS Review. We'll quickly show you how developing an SFS will dramatically improve your next hire, both through sourcing and through interviewing.

Request a Custom Quote to have us develop a Success Factor Snapshot for your next critical hire

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