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We are providing some of our materials and information for FREE so that you can use them as examples and core guidelines in improving your hiring process.

FREE Downloads of Examples and White Papers


FREE Hiring Manager Downloads of Examples and White Papers

This the area of our website where you can download examples of Success Factor Snapshots and Compelling Marketing Statements - CORE Tools in the Success Factor Methodology.

We'll be continually adding examples, illustrations, Hiring and Retention "How To"articles, and White Papers from our research and surveys. Check back frequently for new content added.

These additional FREE Resources for Hiring Managers should improve your ability to implement the Success Factor Metholodogy in your company.


In addition to the downloads, we've got a wealth of other FREE Resources to help you, including our FREE Chapter Sample from our award winning book, You're NOT the Person I Hired, our FREE Blog, our FREE Monthly Hiring Manager Hot Tips, and a variety of FREE Assessments.

To obtain any of items on this page, simply click the DOWNLOAD NOW button and you'll be taken through the same process as if you're purchasing one of our products - the difference is that these Hiring Manager Downloads are FREE.

Hiring Manager FREE Downloads


Success Factor Snapshots for Hiring Managers to use as a foundation for defining successFREE Set of Success Factor Snapshots

Get the FREE Hiring Manager Example Set of Success Factor Snapshots



Compel Top Talent to come forward in your search process by using a shocking new approach to marketing to candidatesFREE Set of Compelling Marketing Statements

Get the Hiring Manager FREE Example Set of Compelling Marketing Statements to begin attracting a better group of candidates



How many of the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes do your Hiring Managers commit?FREE Executive Summary of Top Ten Hiring Mistakes

Get the Executive Summary of our major Research Project on the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes made by CEOs and Senior Executives



What color is you company's petri dishFREE Cultural Assessment Tool

Get the Executive Summary of our major Research Project on the Top Ten Hiring Mistakes made by CEOs and Senior Executives



Desktop Hiring Guide

Our Desktop Hiring Guide - all the key components of our hiring process compressed into a handy desktop tool for your hiring managers to improve their hiring and interviewing skills

Give one to every supervisor, manager, and executive. A decade from now they will still have these in a corner of their desk. The 5 steps to implement the Success Factor Methodology are on one side and the 5-core question interview with magnifying probing questions is on the other. Your managers will not be able to thank you enough for giving them this tool.

Discover the benefit of giving your hiring managers a desktop guide that will aid them in selecting, interviewing, and evaluating candidates

You're Not the Person I Hired

Get the book that shows you how to put the candidate in the job BEFORE you hire them!

With almost 10,000 copies in print, thousands of companies have implemented the Success Factor Methodology described in our book. You should be hiring top talent.

Transform your hiring process today by ordering a copy of the book. Are you ready to start hiring top talent?

Buy the book that will change your life as a hiring manager.

Virtual Chief Talent Officer

What if you could have a Chief Talent Officer in your back pocket when you need it? Imagine having a Virtual Chief Talent Officer available at any time. Get on-call help and on-demand consulting to implement the Success Factor Methodology.

Start by requesting our FREE 8-point Hiring Check-up. Quickly improve your Hiring Process and start raising hiring success.

Imagine having your own personal virtual Chief Talent Officer available anytime to support your hiring managers.


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