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Discover the advantage of having one of the world's top recruiting firms help you find and interview candidates using the Success Factor MethodologyOver the past 25 years, the partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions have conducted more than 1,000 executive searches, interviewed more than 100,000 candidates, and trained more than 50,000 executives how to improve their recruiting success.

The extensive amount of data collected has resulted in an executive search process that few recruiters can match. Very few recruiters have any clue how to overcome The Top 10 Hiring Hiring Mistakes.

Without a basic understanding of the most common hiring mistakes and lacking any systematic and rigorous process to overcome those mistakes, most recruiters become nothing more than mere brokers.

Their entire business model comprises pushing paper across the fax and hoping you'll have a positive first impression of their candidate. The vast majority of recruiters will tell you they believe their job is to do nothing more than show you a piece of paper and want a referral fee.


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Misunderstanding What Most Recruiters Do

Through various interviews with C-level executives, we've compiled a list of the most common mistakes made in choosing a retained executive search firm. Take a look at the executive summary of our survey. We're sure you'll have a few chuckles when you sympathize with these executives; probably right after you finish slapping yourself on the forehead for falling victim to the same mistakes.

Most recruiters do not see their role as verifying, validating, or vetting a candidate's performance. Is there any value here? Is this really worth a small referral fee of 10%-15%?

This tribal approach to recruiting is doomed to fail since it relies more on how well candidates interview than their true performance capability.

Stop falling victim to a slick sales presentation where recruiters try to convince you they've got the best database, know all the right people, and can get your search done quickly. There are no shortcuts to fishing in deep waters, verifying and validating claims of accomplishments, and ensuring a good cultural fit. Companies frequently choose recruiters for all the wrong reasons.

Our executive search incorporates the Success Factor Methodology to ensure you'll hire a candidate who can deliver the results you need with a set of behaviors and style that is consistent with your values and culture.

Most recruiters focus on the wrong information to evaluate candidates and fall victim to historical box checking.

They don't know how to build a definition of success, like the Success Factor Methodology.

They don't understand how to use that definition of success in sourcing top talent.

Finally, they have no clue how to use the definition of success to extract accurate past performance from the candidate. Without this capability, they lack the fundamental elements to predict future success.


Where Do Most Recruiters Find Their Candidates?


Image representing how we break all candidates down into 4 separate categories - using our process you can get Selectives and Sleepers instead of Aggressive Candidates

Most recruiters find their candidates in the AGGRESSIVE candidate pool.

They reach into their database of active candidates, make a couple of quick networking calls, run a few ads, and expect 30% of a candidate's compensation for what you could do with a $400 Internet job posting.

Very few recruiters come close to finding and recruiting SELECTIVE candidates.

An even smaller percentage has the knowledge and focus to recruit SLEEPER candidates - those top perfomers who are currently working.

These are the candidates who are not cruising the job boards daily.

These are the candidates who are not telling everyone they know about their job search.

These are the candidates who must be approached, recruited, and presented with a compelling opportunity. Most recruiters just don't want to do the hard work required to recruit SLEEPERS.

However, isn't that the group you expect your recruiter to find and bring to the table when you contract with a retained executive recruiter? Welcome to one of the major myths in selecting such a retained executive recruiter.

Of course, they'll promise to recruit these candidates. Yet when was the last executive search that you commissioned where the recruiter actually brought SLEEPERS to the party?

Next time you retain an executive recruiter, be sure to get their sourcing plan up-front before signing the contract. Demand weekly updates with reports demonstrating whom they've called  and whom they plan to call the following week. Hold them accountable to finding top talent by fishing in deep waters. Don't pay for a service built on empty promises when the actual delivery doesn't live up to the hype.

Testimonials for our Hiring Service: Executive Search

"We used IMPACT Hiring Solutions to hire a Division President. The process used was far and beyond anything we had ever experienced with other recruiters. They coached us through how to interview the candidates, brought outstanding candidates forward, and lived up to every commitment during the search process."

P.K., President
Automotive After-market Parts Manufacturer
Chicago, IL

"We hired a Chief Financial Officer from IMPACT Hiring Solutions. The manner in which they conduct an Executive Search is the gold standard by which other recruiters should be judged. I've never met a recruiter who had a better grasp on how to find, recruit, and interview top caliber candidates. Not only did they deliver service that puts other recruiters to shame, but they also coached us in how to use the Success Factor Methodology for our other hiring."

M.W., Chief Operating Officer
Capital Equipment Manufacturer
San Jose, CA


Next Steps To Determine If An Executive Search is Needed


If you want to ensure, or guarantee, that your next hire will deliver the results you desire, you must use a recruiter who understands how to overcome the most common hiring mistakes and has a validated process to overcome them. Anything less is a glorified resume service.

To determine whether the Success Factor Methodology could benefit your next executive search, try our FREE Recruiter Benchmarking Review or the FREE Sourcing Strategy Review.

Request a custom quote for more information on how an executive search using the Success Factor Methodology will deliver a candidate who will achieve your desired results.

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