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    Chair e-Courses

    Chair e-Courses Overview

    Welcome to our long-awaited Chair e-courses for Vistage and TEC Chairs on how to leverage social media and social networking to find, attract, engage, nurture, and develop relationships with potential CEO members.

    Here are some of the key elements of our Chair e-Courses:

    • Step-by-step “HOW-TO” e-Courses on using Social Media for the purpose of finding and attracting members.
    • Each lesson is delivered once a day by email and will include daily homework assignments, video screencasts of using social media tools, “how-to” instructions, and audio recordings.
    • Time investment is approximately 15-30 minutes per lesson. Homework assignments can be completed at your own pace and at any time.
    • Program includes a ONE hour consultation with Barry Deutsch. Barry is also available via social media/email to answer questions.
    • Focus will be on blogging for content generation/engagement and distribution of content/networking through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
    • At the end of taking the series of e-courses, you’ll have a complete social media infrastructure-process-system established to begin identifying, contacting, engaging, and nurturing relationships and referrals with CEOs.
    • Within 90 days of the completion of the e-course, you’ll have more hot/warm referrals for membership than you can manage. NO MORE cold calls. Assuming you’re effective at closing – the expectation would be full groups of at least 12 members within 90 days from completion of e-course.
    • To request participation in one of our Chair e-courses, go to and complete the “CONTACT US” form to request participation in the e-Course.
    • There is no fee for participation in the Chair e-Course. However, there may be a few small fees for joining the various social media sites, such as a business professional subscription to LinkedIn of $50/month.
    • There is NO technical knowledge or expertise required for this e-Course – other than the ability to turn on your computer and open a browser such as Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, or Safari.


    List of Chair e-Courses

    Foundation e-Course

    Leveraging LinkedIn for Referrals and Leads to CEOs

    Advanced e-Courses

    Advanced LinkedIn Networking

    Advanced LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    Blogging 101

    Advanced Blogging and Content Marketing

    Twitter as a Marketing Tool

    Marketing-Drip Nurturing

    Advanced Social Media Management Tools


    Background and Credibility to Deliver the Chair e-Courses

    You might be wondering – how does Barry Deutsch have the credibility to deliver a program like this one for the Chair community.

    Over the last ten years I’ve had the unique opportunity to be deeply involved in the Chair community helping to teach Chairs how to find members through traditional networking and lead generation.

    I’ve trained the corporate recruiting staff at Vistage on how to find potential Chairs. I was involved in helping to develop the current interview that is used to assess Chairs. I am currently on a task force chaired by Jeanette Hobson examining Chair Selection, with a focus on how New Chairs can be more successful in quickly building their groups.

    I’ve consulted with hundreds of chairs around the world on how they could improve the process and methods used to find and attract CEO candidates for their groups. I actively deliver a workshop to the worldwide Chair community on how to find new members.

    Our program on hiring (finding, selecting, and interviewing top talent) is one of the most popular speaker programs. I’ve been awarded the IMPACT Speaker of the Year Award, and am frequently called upon by Vistage to deliver programs for conferences and marketing events.

    Brad and I use the techniques described in this program on daily basis to source and find candidates, to expand our personal branding, expert influence, and distribute our message on the Web. We have built one of the most highly- recognized content and e-commerce sites for improving hiring accuracy and success through the leverage of social media and social networking.

    This e-Course is an outgrowth of all those efforts – customized specifically in a “HOW-TO” framework for Chairs.

    Our goal through the delivery of these FREE e-courses is to give back to the Chair community something of value for one of the most important elements of Chair success – building and sustaining full groups.

    We have put together this program as a THANK YOU for your kindness in having us come and present to your groups, and in many cases, for recommending us to your members over the past 10 plus years for our executive search and consulting services.

    We look forward to having the opportunity to help you build your groups to full capacity, and to providing a systematic approach to developing an on-going pipeline of potential members.

    How Do I Sign Up For the e-Course?

    If you would like to register for one of our Chair e-Courses, please click the link below which will bring up our contact form. You can request participation in the Chair e-Course through this form:



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