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Why Am I Here?

Finding Vistage Members by leveraging social media and social networking

Help for Vistage Chairs

If you can "associate" with any of the issues described below - you've come to the right place for help:

  • How do I find more Vistage Members for my group?
  • I've exhausted all my referrals from existing members and I am not sure what to do next.
  • Marketing and Selling is not my expertise.
  • How can I build a "pipeline" for an abundance of referrals?
  • I'd like to be in a position where there is a waiting list of members to join my group.
  • I'm not sure exactly how to fit Trusted Advisors into my networking.
  • Why don't I get more referrals from my contacts?
  • I have a very limited amount of time to spend on finding members - how can I best leverage my time?
  • How do I effectively use all the social media tools that are available?
  • I am not very well-known in my local community - how do I become well-known?
  • How do I manage the contacts, emails, communication, interaction with prospective members?
  • Where can I get more information on learning and improving my ability to find members for my group?

These are the issues we most frequently hear when we conduct our workshop for Vistage Chairs on "How to Find and Acquire New Members".

As an extension of that program, we've assembled in one focused PORTAL website for Vistage Chairs, a place to learn and discover new information about finding members for your Vistage Group.

We've pulled together our collective knowledge of informally coaching Vistage Chairs over the last decade.

We're putting together a "rock-star" list of experts from within the Vistage Community to offer their knowledge, ideas, and suggestions for finding new members.

We've pulled together some of the best of the bloggers/experts from across Web in social media and social networking, internet marketing, personal branding to help you attract more members for your groups.

We hope you'll come back often and that you find the information valuable as you build full and thriving groups in the coming years.

Barry Deutsch

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