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Who Is In Your Network of Personal Service Providers?

Are you building out a part of your referral network to include subject matter experts or real trusted advisers/trusted authorities? The distinction is critical. One you’ll rarely ever see referrals from, and one you’ll see an abundance of referrals. I was reminded of this distinction in reading a blog post from Patti Stafford on the […]

Are You Turning Off Your Network From Referring You?

Do you “un-inspire” your network to refer you? When was the last time you kept a referral source updated on the progress of their referral? When you did you thank them for the referral? Did you ask for their assistance in building the relationship with the person they referred? Most referrers want to be intimately […]

Are You Creating a False Sense of Networking?

I love social media, don’t get me wrong, but the downfall of today’s social media is it can give people a false sense of security that they are effectively networking. Spending time on LinkedIn or Twitter is a smart component to your work life, but…

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