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Barry Deutsch • Barry Deutsch is a founding Partner of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, co-author of "You're NOT the Person I Hired", and "This is NOT the Position I Accepted". Barry is an award-winning international speaker, retained executive recruiter, and expert on hiring and retaining top talent, and executive job search.

Why Broadcast to Your CEO Network?

Let’s first define what is “broadcasting to your network.”  Then we can talk about what the value is – although you will have probably already come to that conclusion or understanding as I am talking about a definition of broadcasting.   Vistage and TEC Chairs Broadcasting Content In today’s marketing world, the technique of broadcasting […]

Take Our 15 Minute Review of Your LinkedIn Profile

  Is your LinkedIn Profile capable of attracting CEOs like a magnet? Do you get 20 plus CEOs looking at your profile every few days? Is your LinkedIn Profile a COMPELLING marketing document that excites and engages potential CEOs or is it a boring, mundane, lackluster, unimaginative, unimpressive, depressing and partial regurgitation of your resume? […]

Is Your LinkedIn Headline Compelling OR Mundane?

Does your headline on your LinkedIn Profile scream:   Wow I want to connect with this person   OR   Does it quickly fade into the woodwork by stating:   I’m so boring I copied my job title into the headline   You wonder why your connection invites get ignored and rejected. You wonder why […]

Is Your Network Incapable of Generating CEO Referrals?

  When was the last time you sat down and evaluated where your referrals are coming from? Do you get your referrals from Vistage/TEC corporate, cold calling, other chairs, or your existing network? My guess would be that very few of your new members come from your existing network. Why? Because you’re probably not working […]

Do Your Non-Profit Board Members Know Other CEOs?

In my Chair Coaching Program on how to leverage social media, one of the lessons we step through is how to see the connections your members have to peer CEOS on the non-profit boards, public commissions, and other community based organizations in your geographic market. This one module from our coaching program should produce more […]

Are You Competent in Leveraging Social Media to Find and Attract New Members?

By now you’ve probably had every speaker come to your group on social media. There’s a buzz that everyone should be using it. As a Chair, are you effectively using it to attract and engage potential new members? Most chairs have not yet put their “toe in the water.” Most chairs are not using social […]

You're Embarrassing Me - And I mean that in a nice way!

  In a recent coaching conversation with a Chair in my Chair Coaching Program for Leveraging Social Media to Find Members, she indicated that I was embarrassing her due to her lack of knowledge of what to do in social media to attract new members. She found my ease and comfort of knowing exactly what […]

Do Your Prospects Believe What You Tell Them?

I hear so many complaints from my executive search clients and from Chairs around the world – that prospects are distrusting of your claims, they are jaded in their perceptions of a traditional “pitch”, are capable of discovering information on the Internet by themselves, and generally struggle to believe what you tell them. This point […]

Myths About CEOs NOT Using Social Media

Joe Pulizzi wrote a blog post about the myths of CEOs not using social media. A lot of CEOs in small businesses and entrepreneurial companies use these myths as rationalizations and justification for why they shouldn’t get involved in social because their peers are not involved. If you believe that to be to true, then […]

Who Is In Your Network of Personal Service Providers?

Are you building out a part of your referral network to include subject matter experts or real trusted advisers/trusted authorities? The distinction is critical. One you’ll rarely ever see referrals from, and one you’ll see an abundance of referrals. I was reminded of this distinction in reading a blog post from Patti Stafford on the […]

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