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Do Your Prospects Believe What You Tell Them?

I hear so many complaints from my executive search clients and from Chairs around the world – that prospects are distrusting of your claims, they are jaded in their perceptions of a traditional “pitch”, are capable of discovering information on the Internet by themselves, and generally struggle to believe what you tell them. This point […]

Can You Build Trust Through Social Media

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Are You Nurturing Your Prospects?

Not everyone signs up after the first telling session or after a visit to your group. Do you effectively “nurture” your leads to convert them into prospects when they are resistant initially to becoming a member? If not, you might be leaving a tremendous number of prospects “on the table”. The subject of lead generation […]

Are You Turning Off Your Network From Referring You?

Do you “un-inspire” your network to refer you? When was the last time you kept a referral source updated on the progress of their referral? When you did you thank them for the referral? Did you ask for their assistance in building the relationship with the person they referred? Most referrers want to be intimately […]

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