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Our Hiring Process - The Success Factor Methodology

our_hiring_process_forhiring _managers.jpgWe've perfected a hiring process over the past 25 years that yields extraordinary accuracy in hiring top talent.

We conducted deep research into the major mistakes that lead to hiring failure.

We then developed a systematic approach to hiring.

Finally, we field-tested, validated, and developed a systematic process to overcome all of the most common hiring mistakes.

Most hiring training and systems focus on interviewing. Our system is a "cradle-to-grave" approach, from fishing for top talent to vetting the truth.

NO OTHER hiring training or system overcomes the most common hiring mistakes. No other recruiter has a field-tested and validated system to overcome the most common hiring mistakes.

The 8 Steps of Our Success Factor Methodology

Identify and Verify Success Prospects

Identify and Verify Success Prospects

Top talent must be continually compelled to go through the interview process. The traditional interview is useless as a tool for engaging candidates and predicting future success. The combination of our Compelling Marketing Statement, Compelling Candidate Conversation, and 5-Core Question Interview overcome the most common hiring mistakes.

Build A Success Factor Snapshot

Build A Success Factor Snapshot

We help our clients develop a Success Factor Snapshot. The Success Factor Snapshot puts the candidate in the job BEFORE they are hired. Not developing a Success Factor Snapshot at the beginning of the search process is the #1 reason hiring frequently fails when companies engage executive recruiters.

Create Candidate Profiles

Create Candidate Profiles

This step provides the quantified justification for meeting a candidate. We use our 8-Point Success Matrix to eliminate the superficial assessments by most recruiters, which border on comical. Superficial remarks, platitudes,and general assumptions based on intuition and bias rule the day. Our Candidate Profiles wrapped around the 8-Point Success Matrix provide the information to help you decide on which candidates to interview.

Coordinate Succcess Factor Interviews

Coordinate Succcess Factor Interviews

The traditional interview is useless as a tool for predicting future success. Most hiring managers believe that the vast majority of candidates embellish and exaggerate their claims of accomplishment. We'll help you create insight interviews to validate the truth.

Plan a Sourcing Strategy

Plan a Sourcing Strategy

We help our clients to identify what ponds to fish in and how deeply to fish in each pond for top talent. Average and mediocre candidates are found floating near the surface in shallow waters through traditional sourcing techniques. Our process results in a deep pool of top talent.

Overcome Obstacles to Hire

Overcome Obstacles to Hire

You cannot afford last minute, 11th hour deal-breaking obstacles after you just invested countless of hours of your time and the rest of the management team. All top talent comes to hiring process with a multitude of issues that need to be eliminated or minimized. We help you through this critical step so that the probability of getting whom you want is extremely high.

Facilitate Compensation Negotiation

Facilitate Compensation Negotiation

The traditional interview is useless as a tool for predicting future success. Most hiring managers believe that the vast majority of candidates embellish and exaggerate their claims of accomplishment. 

Transition and Follow-up

Transition and Follow-up

There are numerous pitfalls that occur once the candidate is hired that can stop a candidate from successfully having a great transition and immediate impact.  Through our Success Factor Transition Program, we help to ensure any expection disagreements or communication style differences do not sabotage your hire.

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Our FREE Hiring Check-up will examine 8 key components of a best practice hiring process. If you qualify, we'll benchmark your process against our Success Factor Methodology. The results will identify improvement opportunities.

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