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Job Search Plan Self-Assessment Scorecard – NOW Available – FREE

Are you ready to start conducting an EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH?
Are you ready to take time off in the race to finish your job search?
As promised, Brad I committed to release our long-awaited, deeply researched, field-tested, and validated FREE Job Search P…

Avoiding Age Discrimination

My last article, “Busted, Age Discrimination Reveal” I gave two examples of reverse age discrimination. As a short refresher, I was working two searches for two different companies. In both case they selected the older more experienced people, over…

Is Your Fear of Networking Leading to Job Search Mistakes?

Job Search Mistakes and Errors – Classic Example

The Wall Street Journal Laid-Off and Looking Blog just posted a great story profiling F. Ellen Whaley, an out-of-work introverted executive fearful of rebuilding her network.
The example could b…

What if Your Job Search takes 2X-3X longer than expected?

Amazing how time keeps marching forward in your job search like the sand through an hour glass. Every day, week, and month not spent conducting an effective job search drains your wallet and puts an unbearable level of pressure on your job hunting acti…

Interviewing Faux Pas To Avoid.

An Innocent Comment Kills The Deal
A few years ago, a client in Arizona was searching to fill a VP US Sales position. The search was narrowed to two finalists. One lived in New York and the other in Southern California. The final round of interviews in…

Get Ready for the launch of our FREE Tool for a Self-Assessment of your Job Search Plan

On Monday at 11 AM PDT in our Weekly Internet Radio Talk Show on, Brad and I will discuss, launch, and describe in detail one of the most powerful tools you’ll probably ever use in your job search planning and preparation.
This Self-A…

Resumes have only one purpose

We were working to fill a VP Operations position. A candidate we had known for a few years was out of work and we believed he was a good fit for the position. While we were talking on the phone, the candidate mentioned the VP Operations position had be…

Job Search Mistake #1: Not Having a Systematic Approach to Conducting a Job Search

Is your job search systematic or more dependent on luck?
Many candidates approach a job search “willy-nilly”. The approach goes something like this “I’ll tell my friends I’m looking for a job, I’ll call the 3 recruiters I know and tell them…

Busted – Age Discrimination Revealed

Anyone that has read the discussions in our Linkedin Job Search Networking Group knows that I am not a big believer in age discrimination. That doesn’t mean I think it doesn’t happen. What it does mean is that I don’t think it happens…

IMPACT Hiring Solutions Weekly Job Search Blog Round-up: August 22, 2009

In case you missed some of the individual blog postings this week, here’s a round-up of some of the more popular posts Brad and I wrote for the Job Search Blog:
It’s Okay to Swear in the Interview: Learn the secrets of a structured response to ever…

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