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Don’t Underestimate the Power the Four “A’s” Have On Your Interview

In a previous article, “Leveraging the Power of the First Impression Helps You Win the Interview” we discussed just how critical (not important, critical) the first impression is to the interviewing process. One of the suggestions was to understand…

Leveraging The Power of the First Impression Helps You Win The Interview

First impressions are so important in the initial meeting that one would not be too far off base if they argued the most important part of the interview. First impressions set the tone for the interview and often determine the types of questions, lengt…

I’m Perfect For The Position, So Why Did I Get Screened Out?

Great question. Probably an obvious answer.
The easy answer is, you probably aren’t perfect for the job, at least from the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s perspective. Now that doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect. It may mean …

How To Overcome The 2 Biggest Enemies In A Job Search

The Beatles once sang, “all you need is love.” In life this is true and it certainly helps during a job search, but it is not all you need. However, tough love is a good start.
A job search is tough. Few candidates are prepared for what …

How To Shoot Yourself In The Foot While Conducting A Job Search

I think the best way to shoot yourself in the foot while in a job search is not having a structured, formal, repeatable job search methodology or process. In the case of a job search HOPE and LUCK are not a process.
A methodology has a series of steps,…

How To Become Employed With 9.8% Unemployment

9.8% unemployment is the national average. For many states, it is even higher than 9.8%. I live in California and the number has hit double digits. This is true for many other states as well. Regardless of the rate, anyone actively in a job search know…

Traditional Resumes Are Worthless – Video

This short video highlights why most traditional resumes are never noticed. Is your resume about you? About your skills, experiences, and companies you have worked for? If they are then this is probably why your resume is going in the “B” p…

The Real Reason For “Thank You” Letters Isn’t To Say, “Thank You”

After an interview, sending a “Thank You” letter is common etiquette and a nice thing to do, but saying “thank you” should not be the main reason for sending it. Most candidates send one after interviewing with a company, but a…

Tell Me About Yourself? Why Is This Question Asked In An Interview?

This is so often the first question asked in an interview. It may not be worded exactly like this, but in one form or another, many if not most interviews start this way.
Knowing this question is coming, why do most candidates get so frustrated answeri…

A Critical Interviewing Mistake Radio Talk Show

This is one of the most common mistakes I have seen in hundreds of interviews. Yet, it is one of the easiest to fix. Candidates know this is going to happen in 95% of all interviews, so why are they so unprepared for it. I don’t get it.
Avoiding t…

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