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Are You Speaking the Right Language During the Interview?

Candidates too often focus exclusively on the verbal communication aspects of a job search. How much time have you spent on the body language aspect of communications?
Some say body language is 70% of communications. Whether or not you agree with this

There is No Time for On The Job Training While in a Job Search

A job search is much like a cable news show,  you have to get your point across in sound bites. You often don’t have time to give a detailed answer. Candidates need to get comfortable with doing this.
Think about all the times during your job se…

Why Most Interviews Are Box-Checking

The traditional process of interviewing is typically an exercise in box-checking.
Hiring Managers and Executives use the traditional job description to check off whether you meet the criteria for the job. As we described in a previous blog posting, the…

STOP Interviewing With Your Eyes Closed

If you’re not asking a version of the question “What are top 3 things I’ve got to do in this position to be successful” in the first 5 minutes of the interview – you might as well shut your eyes and put your hands over your ears – the effec…

How NOT to Differentiate Yourself From Everyone Else

As candidates become more and more desperate in their job search they often turn to desperate measures that more often than not hurt the candidate. One example of this is with the resume.
Lately we have been noticing an increase in resumes that contai…

Hope and Luck are NOT Job Search Strategies

Why do so many candidates rely passively on hope and luck to end their job search?
This is not like spinning the roulette wheel in Atlantic City or Las Vegas. Our life is passively dictated by what number comes up.
You cannot afford to be passive in yo…

5 Step Job Search Roadmap Radio Show

An effective job search is one that has a map to follow. So many job searches fail because candidates are going in all directions depending on how the wind blows. That works is good times, but in tough times it takes a map to be successful. We walk you…

You Must Adapt Your Job Search To The Company’s Culture and Style

Our job search coaching and facilitation programs for candidates take us down many different paths. Every program has to be unique to the needs of the candidate. No two job searches are alike and there is never a one-size-fits-all approach to a job se…

How to Fail at Interviewing Before You Start

You might ask “How can you fail at interviewing before you start?”
The vast majority of candidates never get an opportunity to interview in a face-to-face meeting with the hiring manager or executive because they BLOW the phone interview.
These can…

Job Seeker SCAM ALERT. Job Seekers Are Getting Ripped Off.

I have written more articles than I care to count. All with the intent to help people with their job search.This is probably the most important article I have written or may write.
I have had so many candidates call me or email me asking about these, &…

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