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Resume Tweaking May Be Better Than An Overhaul

I was meeting with a candidate today, we will call him Andy, who recently landed. He had been on the market for about 5 months. He did all the right things, went to the networking meetings, drank more coffee than he should have, reworked his resume ove…

Resume Do’s and Don’ts

Every person that has put together a resume knows the basics, no spelling errors, limit to two pages, chronological format, use keywords and so on, but there are other basic issues that candidates do and don’t do that  have a big impact on getti…

Resume Do’s and Don’ts – Radio Show

Knowing how your resume is screened will help you understand why you do or don’t hear back from recruiters, HR or hiring managers. These are not the basic do’s and don’ts such as spelling, grammar, or formatting.  You already know those things. …

How NOT to Differentiate Yourself From Everyone Else

As candidates become more and more desperate in their job search they often turn to desperate measures that more often than not hurt the candidate. One example of this is with the resume.
Lately we have been noticing an increase in resumes that contai…

I’m Perfect For The Position, So Why Did I Get Screened Out?

Great question. Probably an obvious answer.
The easy answer is, you probably aren’t perfect for the job, at least from the recruiter’s or hiring manager’s perspective. Now that doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect. It may mean …

Traditional Resumes Are Worthless – Video

This short video highlights why most traditional resumes are never noticed. Is your resume about you? About your skills, experiences, and companies you have worked for? If they are then this is probably why your resume is going in the “B” p…

Do You Have A Resume Or A Marketing Document?

Does your resume list all of your experiences, all your skills, and even some accomplishments?
Does it outline all of the things you have done in the past that you think are important and can fit on two pages?
Does it clearly indicate all your past dut…

IMPACT Hiring Solutions Weekly Job Search Blog Round-up: August 22, 2009

In case you missed some of the individual blog postings this week, here’s a round-up of some of the more popular posts Brad and I wrote for the Job Search Blog:
It’s Okay to Swear in the Interview: Learn the secrets of a structured response to ever…

Key Word Searches For Resumes

“I’m perfect for the position. So why didn’t you call me?” Have you ever thought or said something similar to this?
The answer to that question in my experience is that candidates rarely demonstrate in the resume they are the pe…

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