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What Will YOU Do Different In Your Job Search?

Let’s start with Benjamin Franklin’s timeless definition of insanity: “You keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results”.
Do you really believe that wishing and keeping your fingers crossed will make a difference?

You can’t interview yourself out of a wet paper bag

The vast majority of candidates Brad and I meet are horrific at interviewing. It’s bordering on embarrassing and humiliating. WHY? (Here’s a little hint to keep your interest – it has nothing to do with the actual interview presentation)
Before w…

LinkedIn – Your Online Resume is Worthless

Not having an effective LinkedIn Profile for your job search is the same as having an ineffective resume that gets tossed into the trash can all the time. STOP letting your online resume (LinkedIn Profile) be thrown in the trash!
LinkedIn provides an e…

How to Make Sure You’ll Fail to Achieve Your Goals

Don’t write down your goals – that’s pretty much it at a basic level.
NOT writing down your goals is almost a guarantee of failing to achieve them. This is true for your financial objectives, personal life, business career, projects, and perhaps …

11 New Year Resolutions For Your Job Search

It is time to look forward to 2010. Regardless of 2009 happenings and all its trials and tribulations, 2010 is upon us and now is the time to think about how best to approach the year with regards to your career or job search.
Here are some ideas that …

Job Search Stalled? Do What the Pros Do.

I was reading a golf magazine recently and a particular article caught my attention. It was about what one of the top pros on the PGA tour does when he gets stalled or in a slump. He simply goes back to basics. He goes back to when he first started pla…

The Hot Potato Method of Applying to a Job Opening

I touched on this idea the other day in a blog article when I mentioned the idea that you should have a plan for how to attack or blitz a job opening. Let’s explore this idea a little further.
Most candidates treat responding to job advertisements li…

Are You Responding To Job Descriptions Masquerading as Job Advertisements?

Over 90% of companies post their entire job description or some modified version of it as a job advertisement.

Is it because they don’t want to take the time to write a real advertisement?
Is it because they’re taking the easy way out – po…

I Can Do Your Job Better Than You and I’m Just A Recruiter

It really doesn’t matter if you have 20+ years of experience in your profession, or that it has taken you 20+ years of learning from your mistakes, or that over that 20+ years you have taken on-going educational classes to perfect your talents.

Is Your Job Search Saw Sharp or Dull?

One of my favorite books is The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.
Over the past two decades I have constantly referred to this book for insight and personal growth. Covey describes one of the habits effective people embrace as

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