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The Hot Potato Method vs. the Swarming Method of Applying for a Job

We discussed the Hot Potato Method of responding to a job advertisement in my last blog post. Everyone recognizes it’s both dysfunctional and ineffective – so why does everyone keep doing it? The other day on our once-a-month candidate open forum

Stop Your Job Search Until 2010 – Dumb Move

I get this all the time from candidates I’m working with in our job search coaching program. It usually starts with, “The holidays are  here and nobody is hiring during this period.” or “Why look now? I will wait until the new …

I’m Getting Interviews But No Offers. WHY?

This was a question a potential job search coaching candidate asked me. Although frustrating, at the same time it is a very good problem to have. At least she was getting interviews.
In today’s world just getting up to bat can be difficult, but …

Interviewing Do’s and Don’ts – Radio Show

Changing a few basic interviewing techniques can dramatically change your interviewing success rate. Whether with a recruiter, HR or hiring manager these few Do’s and Don’ts will prove to impact your job search. We discuss the three or four most co…

Job Search Stalled? Do What the Pros Do.

I was reading a golf magazine recently and a particular article caught my attention. It was about what one of the top pros on the PGA tour does when he gets stalled or in a slump. He simply goes back to basics. He goes back to when he first started pla…

Does Your Career Flounder and Flop Around Like a Fish out of Water?

When was the last time you thought about your career? NOT your job – your long-term career. Is your career a series of flopping around from job to job, floundering like a fish out of water – or is there a coherent, obvious, planned approach to movi…

The Hot Potato Method of Applying to a Job Opening

I touched on this idea the other day in a blog article when I mentioned the idea that you should have a plan for how to attack or blitz a job opening. Let’s explore this idea a little further.
Most candidates treat responding to job advertisements li…

Cover Letter + Great Resume = Interview

This is the winning formula for getting interviews. There are exceptions for personal referrals and networking contacts, but often even with these they will first ask for a resume.
It has been my experience recently that many candidates “know&#82…

Are You Responding To Job Descriptions Masquerading as Job Advertisements?

Over 90% of companies post their entire job description or some modified version of it as a job advertisement.

Is it because they don’t want to take the time to write a real advertisement?
Is it because they’re taking the easy way out – po…

I Can Do Your Job Better Than You and I’m Just A Recruiter

It really doesn’t matter if you have 20+ years of experience in your profession, or that it has taken you 20+ years of learning from your mistakes, or that over that 20+ years you have taken on-going educational classes to perfect your talents.

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