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It’s play-off time for your job search – what do you have to lose?

Here comes another basketball metaphor about your job search.
A few nights ago, my Varsity HS Girls Basketball Team played in the first round of the State Playoffs. In our section we were ranked 6th out of 32 teams. We played a team ranked 24 and almos…

Don’t Be the Candidate Screened Out by a Recruiter’s First Question

In my last blog post, I described how the best recruiters screen out the vast majority of candidates for their search assignments through one simple question.
Don’t be the one who gets screened out in 30 seconds.
Many times these are great opportunit…

The Best Recruiters Eliminate YOU With their First Question

How is this possible you might ask?
How could anyone determine whether I am a fit for a job with only one interview question?
Even more shocking is the idea you could be eliminated through the very first interview question?
Shouldn’t there be many fa…

5 Tips How To Keep Your Resume Out Of The Black Hole

Candidates constantly complain about how when they email resumes they all seem to end up in the proverbial “black hole.”
As a recruiter, who receives on average 6 to 7 hundred resumes a week, I can understand your frustration. I’m als…

Job Seekers Should Stop Being So Hypocritical

For 30 years this September, as both a contingent and retained recruiter, I have listened to the complaints by candidates (job seekers) about hiring managers and the complaints by hiring managers about candidates.
Even after 30 years, as I read blog co…

What Will YOU Do Different In Your Job Search?

Let’s start with Benjamin Franklin’s timeless definition of insanity: “You keep doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results”.
Do you really believe that wishing and keeping your fingers crossed will make a difference?

3 Simple Absolute Musts In A Job Interview

Interviewing is an art more than a science. Like most art, there are the Van Gogh’s and then there are those that work hard but never reach a professional level. They may still be good, just not good enough.
I think that is the way most candidate…

Job Search is Taking Longer – Duh!

Does it feel like you keep falling back in your job search to square 1?
In a front page article in New York Times today, the point was made that the average timeframe for conducting a job search is now 6 months. Executive and Senior Management Job Sear…

How to Give Your Resume a Booster Shot

Your resume needs a booster shot.
No longer is a simple 2 page resume enough to capture interest.
It’s boring.
It’s mundane.
It’s ineffective at fully telling your story (especially if you missed the last dozen or so blog posts that Brad and I wr…

What are Job Search Best Practices?

Do you know the core best practices of conducting a job search?
Could you rattle these off the tip of your tongue right now?
Here’s the killer question – are you executing flawlessly against these best practices in your current job search?
If eithe…

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