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Generating Referrals In Your Job Search

If you’re looking for a job, are you are frustrated that you’re NOT getting enough job referrals or job leads from your network? We explore the mistakes, errors, and frustrations candidates experience in trying to generate job referrals or job leads. We offer five key ideas in job search networking to guarantee you’ll generate an abundance of job referrals and job leads. Stop crossing your fingers and using hope as your primary strategy to obtain leads and referrals. Listen the best practices that can reduce your job hunt by half.

Engaging A Career Coach – Should I??

A career coach is something many people consider engaging.  Marcia Bench, Director of the Career Coach Institute discusses everything you should know before considering engaging a career coach. What questions to ask, should you even get a coach, how they work and how they will benefit you, what should you pay and what qualifications they should have. Before paying for a coach, you must hear what Marcia advises.