Meet the Partners

Shattering_Image.jpgBrad Remillard and Barry Deutsch, founding partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, have caused a major controversy within the traditional arena of hiring and retaining top talent.

They are the only hiring solutions company to have SHATTERED the myths and assumptions of hiring and retaining top talent. They’ve identified the errors and mistakes that most commonly occur.

After extensive research over decades, they’ve developed a simple methodology to overcome all the major errors and mistakes that lead to hiring failure and retention disaster.

Brad Remillard and Barry Deutsch have worked together for 25 years. They’ve collaborated on over 1,000 executive searches, interviewed on a combined basis over 100,000 candidates, and facilitated workshops on hiring and retaining top talent to well over 50,000 CEOs, senior executives, and hiring managers. They’ve been interviewed by well-known news publications, won awards for their presentations, and been honored before numerous trade associations and industry groups.

The Partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions have developed a proprietary and trademarked process called the Success Factor Methodology for Hiring Executives and Managers. These two Partners have extended their knowledge of hiring and retention to create the Career Success Methodology for Senior Executives. Brad and Barry have made an IMPACT in thousands of companies around the world and have changed the career trajectories of many senior executives.

This website integrates all of the resources, content, products and services surrounding these two major methodologies that SHATTER the traditional approaches to hiring and retention for companies and job search/career management for senior executives.


Brad Remillard, an executive recruiter with over 25 years of experience, has conducted over 50,000 interviews and been involved in more than 1,000 executive searches. A CPA and graduate of California State University, Fullerton, Brad previously served as President of CJA Executive Search, which was recognized as one of the top search firms in Southern California. Brad has conducted nationwide searches ranging from Fortune 500 executive vacancies to entrepreneurial companies. His search expertise includes General Management (CEO, COO, GM), Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing and Operations, Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Systems.

In 1999, Brad co-founded the American Association of Senior Executives (AASE), one of Southern California’s largest career management and business resource organizations exclusively dedicated to VP and C-level executives. The AASE has assisted more than 1,500 corporate executives manage their careers. Brad has personally coached many of these executives on success-based interviewing, 21st Century netowrking techniques, and career transition. He is a frequent speaker on the subject of career management and executive networking.


Barry Deutsch is a well-known thought leader in hiring and peak performance management. He is a frequent and sought-after speaker for management meetings, trade associations, and CEO forums, such as Vistage International, formerly known as TEC, a worldwide CEO membership organization of over 10,000 CEOs and senior executives. Many of his clients view him as their virtual “Chief Talent Officer”.

Barry was named “IMPACT Speaker of the Year” for 2006 by Vistage International. This award recognizes the Speaker/Expert who has made the greatest impact on the worldwide member companies of Vistage. Barry is also frequently asked to present IMPACT Hiring Solutions award winning programs on Hiring, Retention, and Motivating Top Talent. Barry leverages a vast knowledge base of 25 years in the executive search field, with a track of successfu placements in multi-billion dollar Fortune 100 companies, entrepreneurial firms, and middle-market high-growth businesses. He has worked closely with thousands of CEOs and Key Executives to help improve hiring success, leverage human capital, and raise the bar on talent acquisition.

Barry earned his BA and MA from American University in Washington, D.C. Prior to his executive search career, Barry held positions of responsibility in Finance and General Management with Mattel, Beatrice Foods, and Westinghouse Cable.