One Way To Work With Recruiters

Q. I wanted to inquire about the process of working with a professional recruiter. I’m fairly happy in my current position, but I am also curious as to what else is out there. How does one begin the process?

 The best way to work with a recruiter is to have a referral to the recruiter. Recruiters work for the company. This is often a misunderstanding by candidates. The company pays the recruiter, so the company is the client. Recruiters want to work with candidates that fill a job listing they have. If you know of a recruiter that has this, I would highly recommend finding someone the recruiter trusts to refer you. Otherwise, you are just another person sending in a resume.

You should also seek out recruiters that specialize in your industry or functional area. These recruiters are more likely to have a job search consistent with your background. They are also more likely to receive a job listing that will match your background. So making sure they know you are available and willing to listen will be helpful.

Finally, recruiters need job listings so I would start building rapport with recruiters. The very best way to do this is when you or your company has a job opening call the recruiter and engage them. This will demonstrate it is a two way relationship.

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Brad Remillard


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Brad Remillard is a founding Partner of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, co-author of "You're NOT the Person I Hired", and "This is NOT the Position I Accepted". Brad is an award-winning international speaker, retained executive recruiter, and expert on hiring and retaining top talent, and executive job search.

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