Why Am I Here?

Finding Vistage Members by leveraging social media and social networking

Help for Vistage Chairs

If you can “associate” with any of the issues described below – you’ve come to the right place for help:

  • How do I learn about best practices in hiring or retention?
  • Are there effective sales management tools and techniques we can use to improve our sales success?
  • I’m an entrepreneur and many of my managers have not been classically trained in management and leadership. Where are some good resources for them?
  • How can I improve our culture so that we can hire and retain better employees?
  • We’re not using social media and social networking effectively. What are some tips and suggestions for implementing this “hot” new area into my business?
  • I have a very limited amount of time to read/research best practices – where and who are some of the best resources for Vistage/TEC-size companies, Chairs, Speakers, and Trusted Advisors?

We’ve pulled together our collective knowledge of informally coaching Vistage Chairs and Members over the last decade in hiring and retaining great talent. In the last few years, we’ve spent a significant amount of time helping Chairs, Members, Speakers, and Trusted Advisors understand how to leverage social media and social networking.

We’re putting together a “rock-star” list of experts from within the Vistage Community to offer their knowledge, ideas, and suggestions for finding new members.

We’ve pulled together some of the best of the bloggers/experts from across Web in hiring, retention, culture, employee engagement, sales management, and social media/networking to help you improve your business, engage with employees and customers/clients, and increase your rate or curve of professional learning.

We hope you’ll come back often and that you find the information valuable as you build your business and create teams of passionate engaged people who deliver all the outcomes you desire.

Barry Deutsch