Put On Your Sales Hat in Your Job Search

Putting on Your Sales Hat in Your Job Search

I just conducted one of our regular weekly Internet Radio Talk Shows. You can download the new audio broadcast from our website in our FREE Audio Library.

In this program we discussed the following topics and took questions from our audience regarding their job search issues about “Putting On Their Sales Hat”:

Plan Their Work

  1. Networking Plan
  2. Target Plan
  3. Group Participation Plan
  4. Research – hot industry’s/goggling hiring managers

Numbers Count!

  1. Well-Prepared to being their sales efforts
  2. Documents lined up
  3. Details/Research/Comparative Information – armed with right info
  4. Rehearsed and polished

The Interview/Presentation

  1. Quick Rapport/First Impressions
  2. Solution Selling – what’s your pain (should know this in advance – top 4 typical problems/issues for that role
  3. Enthusiasm/Energy – show your passion

Follow-up after the interview

  1. Thank You Notes
  2. Sending relevant information
  3. Networking
  4. Finding backdoors

We’ve got a wealth of tools on our website to help you Put on Your Sales Hat. Check out our Candidate Product Library – where we’ve taken this concept and built a structured workbook, templates, and audio programs.

Take a look at our Job Search Service Catalog where we’ve developed a series of coaching and assessment tools to determine if you’re effectively applying the concepts and methodology behind “Putting On Your Sales Hat”.

Finally, join our LinkedIn Discussion Group which provides a vibrant forum for posing questions and getting answers from other candidates conducting a job search and how their applying each of the key steps of our Career Success Methodology.


photo credit JL McVay

Barry Deutsch and Brad Remillard

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Brad Remillard and Barry Deutsch are founding Partners of IMPACT Hiring Solutions, and co-authors of "You're NOT the Person I Hired", and "This is NOT the Position I Accepted". Brad and Barry are award-winning international speakers, retained executive recruiters, and experts on hiring and retaining top talent, and executive job search.

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