LinkedIn Job Search: How Many Presentations are Optimal On Your Profile?

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Jason Alba of "I'm on LinkedIn - Now What" fame wrote a blog post raising the question of whether you should have one choice, two choices, or many choices for the readers of your LinkedIn Profile to view your SlideShare Presentations (Powerpoints). As you know, I'm a huge proponent of using your LinkedIn Profile as an expanded resume - the LinkedIn Slideshare Application gives you the opportunity to turn your accomplishments into impactful stories.

His recommendation is to guide your readers, such as recruiters, HR managers, and hiring managers to one presentation - or direct them down a specific path. He gives examples of well-know internet luminaries using two presentations and forcing their viewers to "choose" one or the other.

Like Jason, up until now I've always felt more is better. My slideshare account is "linked" to my LinkedIn profile.

Should you have a separate slideshare account for your LinkedIn Profile in which there are only one or two presentations. You can always have a separate account with all your presentations.

Here's how Jason summed it up on his blog post:

I think providing fewer choices to the viewer to go to where you want them to go to is better than showing a portfolio. You can easily send them to your slideshare account to see all of them if you want to… but from your LinkedIn Profile, point people to where you really want them to go to without adding too many choices, confusion or noise.

To read the full article on Jason Alba's Blog regarding How many Slideshare presentations should you display on your LinkedIn Profile, please click the following link:

Optimizing Slideshare on Your LinkedIn Profile

What do you think is the best stragegy for using the slideshare application on LinkedIn Profiles for your Job Search?

Barry Deutsch

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