Do You Have Powerpoint Presentations on Your LinkedIn Profile?

I am Linkedin - Now What?

Jason Alba of “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What” fame wrote a blog post raising the question of whether you should have one choice, two choices, or many choices for the readers of your LinkedIn Profile to view your SlideShare Presentations (Powerpoints).

His recommendation is to guide your readers to one presentation – or direct them down a specific path. He gives examples of well-know internet luminaries using two presentations and forcing their viewers to “choose” one or the other.

Like Jason, up until now I’ve always felt more is better. My slideshare account is “linked” to my LinkedIn profile.

Should you have a separate slideshare account for your LinkedIn Profile in which there are only one or two presentations. You can always have a separate account with all your presentations.

Here’s how Jason summed it up on his blog post:

I think providing fewer choices to the viewer to go to where you want them to go to is better than showing a portfolio. You can easily send them to your slideshare account to see all of them if you want to… but from your LinkedIn Profile, point people to where you really want them to go to without adding too many choices, confusion or noise.

To read the full article on Jason Alba’s Blog regarding How many Slideshare presentations should you display on your LinkedIn Profile, please click the following link:

Optimizing Slideshare on Your LinkedIn Profile

Barry Deutsch

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Can Twitter Help Your Business?

Savvy B2B Marketing Blog

Here’s an interesting blog posting on the Savvy B2B Marketing Blog about the power and leverage social media can bring to a business, especially Twitter. The author presents a number of different scenarios in how Twitter might be used within your business.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you probably noticed everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon over the past year or two –  Twitter in particular. Along with the enthusiasm (hype?), there has been a debate over which social media platforms are appropriate for which businesses and how they would be used to their best effect.

Many executives, consultants, coaches, and speakers say to me”:

Barry – what’s this Twitter thing about? Why are people so excited to be sending messages that they’re standing at the dry cleaners or supermarket? I don’t get it and I don’t see the value of it.

To read more about leveraging Twitter for B2B marketing, sales, and lead generation, check out the post by clicking on the link below:

Savvy Speaks: Best B2B Twitter Tips – Savvy B2B Marketing

Barry Deutsch

Is It Time to Put the Social into Customer Service?

Another excellent article was recently posted on Mashable by Lauren Vargas, Community Manager at Radian6, about implementing social media within the customer service function. All in the name of improving customer interactions, relationships, and communication. The title of the article was “5 Steps to Taking Customer Service Social.

Success stories can be found everywhere in almost every business sector imaginable where companies are beginning to leverage the power of social media first in their customer service/customer engagement functions.

Implementing social media tools, activities, tasks, and processes within customer service can serve a three-fold role: It allows you to put your toe in the water around using social media, provides a great “testing” platform for trying different things, and it might have the greatest short term impact on your business – both from a revenue and bottom line impact – not to mention the competitive advantage it could give your firm.

Do you have a plan to research how social media might play a role in your customer service function? Who will be responsible for the research and recommendations?

If you don’t have the internal resources, have you considered hiring an “expert” to help guide you through implementing social media in your company.

What’s holding you back from examining, researching, testing, and piloting social media within your company – especially in the customer service area?

We’re well beyond early-adopter, geeky, flaky type applications. Social media is now a mainstay of interaction for most people, whether it be through Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging, or a specific industry forum – whether you’re a travel nut, foodie, or B2C supplier.

It would be a shame if your competitors got a year head start over you in leveraging social media to build stronger relationships with your customers.


Are You Adapting to the New Frontier of Social Media

Image representing Mashable as depicted in Cru...
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One of my favorite social media “news” blogs to follow is Mashable. If you want to stay current on all the latest tool, tips, examples, illustrations of how to use social media – particularly in an entrepreneurial to small business company – you should subscribe to the RSS feed for Mashable.

I was reading an interesting article today that was was posted on Mashable titled 5 Small Business Success Stories. It talked about how 5 different small businesses  -4 retailers and 1 service company – were changing their entire business model as a result of social media.

My business model has changed dramatically with the coming of age of social media. My cost structure for recruiting talent has declined dramatically, my leads for new executive search projects, consulting projects, and hiring manager training have increased significantly through our web presence – especially blogging. We’ve even created an entire web-based business model that includes e-commerce and on-line training.

How are you leveraging – incorporating – adapting – social media into your business?

  • Are you engaging with potential customers at a different level?
  • Is social media enabling you to differentiate yourself more effectively?
  • Is the quality of your customer service increasing beyond your peers?
  • Can social media give you a competitive advantage?
  • Is it opening up a new world of networking for candidates, benchmarking, and information?

How have you started to adapt social media to your business model?


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How Do You Stand Out in a Crowded Field?

How Can You Stand Out in a Crowded Field?

How can you stand out in a crowded sea of other leadership or experts in your field?

How can you establish your brand as unique?

How do you differentiate yourself to the point where CEOs and executives look forward to your postings since they are so different from all the other generic stuff that everyone else posts in their blogs?

Darren Rowse, writing on his blog, Problogger, recently posted an article titled “11 Ways to Add to the Blogosphere and Stand Out From the Crowd“. Actually, it’s a video and Darren once again nails it with actionable tactics you could implement tomorrow to start differentiating yourself as the “go-to” leadership guru/expert in your local community.

Take a look and let me know what you think?

Are you doing any of the 11 things that Darren discusses in his video?

If you’re NOT yet blogging – is it time to start? Should you have a platform on which to establish your credibility, expertise, knowledge, and personal branding? There is no better solution that blogging about what you already know!

Barry Deutsch

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