How Can You Find the Best Job Search Content?

Who are your favorite bloggers that you read regularly to discover how to improve your job search? Oh wait – let’s take a giant step backwards before we try to answer that question. Are you searching, reading, devouring the content about effective job search put out by some extraordinary individuals who offer tons of golden nuggets in [...] Related posts:
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Take The One Question LinkedIN Poll On Unemployment

We have a one question poll dealing with unemployment that is currently active. Please take less than a minute and voice your experience. Just CLICK HERE to participate in the poll. We will post the result shortly, however, once you take the poll you can see the very surprising results. Many have already commented on the [...] Related posts:
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So Many Candidates Are Only 70% Effective In Their Job Search

There aren’t too many things one can do only 70% effectively and be successful. Can you imagine doing your job 70% effectively? Would you hire someone that told you in an interview,” I work great 70% of the time?” Would you keep a person working for you the was only 70% effective? I certainly hope you [...] Related posts:
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  3. How To Get Recruiters To Reply To Your Resume

Job Search Firestorm of Controversy

As many of our loyal readers know – I’m not shy about vocalizing (can you do that on a blog?) my thoughts related to job search. In fact, I’m probably one of the more (along with my partner Brad Remillard) controversial figures in job search blogging. Brad and I give “straight talk” (better known as ‘”tough [...] Related posts:
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LinkedIn Profiles Are Worthless, If People Can’t Find You

I firmly believe that most LinkedIn profiles are worthless, even the really good ones. I even teach a webinar on building a compelling LinkedIn profile. This is not to say that profiles on LinkedIn are not important. They are definitely important. Most are just worthless not only because they leave out valuable information, but also [...] Related posts:
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Why Don’t Candidates Use LinkedIn Effectively?

Are you leveraging LinkedIn in your job search? If not, you could be dragging your job search on for a longer period of time than is necessary. LinkedIn provides one of the greatest sets of job search tools – practically for FREE! Why then are so many candidates so bad at using it for their job search? This [...] Related posts:
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In This Market You Need An Edge. This Might Be That Edge.

Some candidates will enter the job market with the desire to learn everything they can about the best way to conduct a job search. Many will use outplacement firms, attend a webinar or two, read articles on interviewing or resumes, and begin networking.  All good stuff. However, I believe they leave out one of the most [...] Related posts:
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Don’t Assume You Will Get A Good Reference

Time and time again candidates assume when a person tells them they will be a reference, it means a good reference. Not true. In a recent poll 54% said they were given a reference and it turned out bad. This busts the theory that people will only give [...] Related posts:
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  2. Know Your References Well. It Isn’t What They Say, It’s How They Say It.
  3. 10 Reasons Why Candidates Fail At Networking

Recruiters Are Your Friend And Your Best Job Search Resource

I read hundreds of blogs, LinkedIn comments, responses to our articles, tweets on Twitter, and emails from candidates every month about recruiters. Many are negative. Most complain about recruiters. Many are justified and many are not. Like everyone in a personal services business, you can please some of the people all of the time, all [...] Related posts:
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  2. How Recruiters Search Using LinkedIn & What We Look For
  3. How To Find The Hidden Jobs Before Recruiters and Others Do

Most Recruiters are Wasting Your Time

How do You Find a Recruiter that will work with you? Networking – Networking – Networking (more on this subject later) Many candidates assume the recruiter is “working with them” if one of the following scenarios take place: The recruiter accepted your resume The recruiter called you back on the phone and interviewed you The recruiter asked you [...] Related posts:
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